Smaller Alliance Event Levels

Ok, we need votes peeps. If you belong to a small Alliance or an alliance that most members don’t use 3* heroes, then your the ones who need to vote.

The issue, 2.5mil is too much for more then 50% of the alliances still striving.

We need available event levels.

Option 1
Alliance scores 0-95k only need 1.5mil points to progress. Loot is negotiable, but still decent.
Alliance scores 96k-500k stay at current 2.5mil. Loot is MUCH better.

Option 2
Have leader choose which difficulty path the alliance takes. Like mystic titan but option how strong to make the 3 levels. The harder the better loot odds.

This will do two things; one make game Events playable to the end and accessable to everyone. Two, give a small Alliance incentives to get bigger.

As example my alliance has 75kAS and have failed reach 2.5k three times. This will make a 4th.

Would still have single leadership board. Event difficulty won’t change the total damage points earned.

3days left… just show how it’s a struggle

They should make unlocking the Epic and Legendary event stages with payment. $29.90 to unlock Epic and $49.90 to unlock legendary. Everyone wins

Good score on rare :wink:
even with worse scores you need only 7 players to unlock epic level. I think this is not a great obstacle.
To unlock legendary you need 10-11 players. Still not very high wall.
It is alliance challenge, not meant to be done by individuals, but to require team cooperation.
People who don’t want to participate in bigger teams can just not do it, the loot really isn’t worth the struggle… few coins for the portal with second worst odds…

We have 20 members. 7 of us have been inactive between 2-32days. There are 8 core members as this is this most members we have had in awhile. New players unless they spend immediately have very limited 3* heroes. Other members don’t care much for 3* heroes and concentrated on 4*/5* heroes. Members have posted they struggling to pass lvl10, 7 and 5.

Seven players would need 357,143pts to reach 2.5m.

As you said, it’s a team event. An event everyone should be able to play unless the game is not free to play as advertised. Events should be a challenge, but scaled in a way to make it possible for the majority of alliances to participate to the end.

I thought the purpose behind alliance events was to give players the joy and entertainment of doing more together then hitting titans. Is this and monster island all about making the top alliances in this game shine? Or are they actually just making fun stuff for all to do?

Our clan and many many others are made up of mid to low level players.

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This too, but I think main objective was to create incentive to create bigger alliances and enforce alliance members activity by the leaders. So scaling the challenges to the alliace size would work agains this objective.


We are a small alliance - 15 players and we just unlocked epic stages. No wow scores… just team work I guess with 9 players participating in this event.

Nice work, grats on passing 2.5m. Your list Of team member with lowest level is 26. Ive averaged 450k for completion of all levels in the 1st stage. With those member scores, sure your Members have a little better roster in regards to 3* heroes.

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Encourage your alliance members to aim for 2.5 mill. We got stuck at 2.2 mill until we all decided to push for 2.5 mill.

Also encourage your alliance members to level and max some useful 3* heroes for next events.

I agree that some members in my alliance have a good 3* roster. I am at the top of the list and I used
Tyrum/gunner+CB, bane, Jouk(my main hero for these events do to his buff immunity), nordri, and helo. Max team power with CB gunner is 3k.

I am against a pay Option

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I Like both Options
But i would prefere Option 2

Should not to be to hard to implement in currend game and would boost alliance Quest for all Players

Big Alliances will Always win the Tournament Ranking against smaller, so their ist non reason to exclude small Alliances from event

It would be great to lower the score requirements. 1M for epic and 2.5-5M for legendary is decent for smaller alliances. Still not doable with only 2 players. Also, would not influence rewards because they depend on total score and not the averages.
Thresholds this high are completely unnecessary in my oppinion

I am at 1.09M score but my alliance has only 6M score and won’t be able to unlock Legendary and that really sucks from a player perspective. Not everyone has time and resources to endlessly grind stages for higher score

Don’t stress on it. It’s an alliance killer and the loot isn’t worth it anyway. I’ve seen plenty of alliances torn apart by the so-called “alliance quest”. Do what you’re able to accomplish and move on to the next.

I’ve only played now for 205 days. The alliance I chose for the majority of the time I’ve been in it has had 4 members. We all play daily, but we don’t want anyone to join, we are a sports team specific group, we want fans of our team only…

With that in mind, it’s impossible for us to complete the 2.5M requirement for epic. The thing that irritates me is its inclusion in path of Valor as well.

So I not only can’t progress because we have low numbers in the alliance, but suffer twice in path of Valor.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the alliance related things should be specific to the alliance taking part. It should be a requirement based on number of players in your alliance, not a set number for all.

Say 200,000 per player in the alliance. If you have 4 people, you require 800,000 to progress to epic. If you have 12, you’ll require 2.4M. If you have inactive players of 300+ days, it would also encourage leaders to remove them and people to join active alliances instead of remaining abandoned in alliances where leaders/co leaders have long gone.

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I like that last suggestion score based on your alliance size. For leadership board it does not matter no matter what is done about the scores cuz a large powerful Alliance is going to get more points regardless and then a small Alliance that has a lower point level threshold.

So my alliance is not super enthusiastic about three star events a few of them will get a few more three stars but there’s no guarantee that they’re going to be present active or still with the alliance next time one of these style events comes along.

So we tried wound up with 2.3 million. It’s not about the loot cuz we all know that like really most of the time is not worth it for anything we do. It’s about playing and enjoying the game that we’ve spent money on.

You finish the event, you get another Dava from 1x
And that’s it… I’m in solo alliance and twice already went to an alliance to finish those alliance events get some trashy rewards do the 1 summon, say thank you and go back to my solo alliance…

In bottom line, why bother :grimacing:

Enjoyment And satisfaction of having completed a presented challenge. Not about loot, it’s about being able to finish the race and be happy you did… :blush:

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Atlast some good sance>1M for epic and 2,5M for legendery is optimal and it should aply to alliance from 1-10 players,1M for epic and 5M to alliance 20-30 players and 1M for epic and 10M for 30 players.I was leader of alliance 4-8 depends from time to time and becouse we cant break seal 2,5M in Clash of the Knights I and my 3 team players join difrent alliance and I was force to forget my alliance and my leadership and I was working hard for them bout over 3 years>sadly thet was the price I have to pay to go fowerd and break 2,5M