Small team alliance wars problems

We have a small alliance; 16 members take the field for AW, which has proven to be problematic with our match-ups. Every alliance we’ve faced has been full or nearly so. Which means we’re fielding approx. half the number of teams.

While discouraged at first, we’ve tried to view this as practice for when SG fixes the match-up system and we are not summarily crushed in every war.

My observation has been that because we have so few players, each team is worth more points, thus, the opponent only has to wipe out 16 of us with their 25+ players, earn more points per take down, and get the wipe-out bonus.

We, on the other hand, have to take out more teams with fewer players to earn the same number of points. And we sure aren’t going to wipe out a team with half the number of flags as the opponent.

I’ve seen their players wipe out one of our team for over 120 points, while we don’t get more that 70 or 80, on average, and never in the 120 range.

Am I misunderstanding the game, or is this just a problem small alliances will have to contend with. The scoring opportunities don’t seem balanced for our situation.


I have to say that when small nations are at war with large nations, the little guy will lose most. As there is no place here for irregular war, AW reflects real life.

This brings us to the meaning of alliance. Find a small but powerful alliance using search, and reach out asking to merge.

I know Zapp and Viv merged. Others now part of the 7dd empire did the same. Find a partner.

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To answer your points disparity. Each alliance is worth 2000 pts divided among War participants. So while your team members will be worth more per defense, the other full team dividing by 30 defenses will be worth less.

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You understand it quite well, and until SGG chooses to use more than one metric for determining the matches it will continue to be this way.

Only recourse available to you in the meantime is to get recruiting. Best of luck to ya.

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@Oniahlater Ugh, that seems to be exactly the problem.

A simple fix for that will be the alliance with less members to have less points with the simple formula: 2000 multiplied by the number of players in the alliance, devided by 30.

Maybe that way individuals could decide to opt out (as frequently requested) and not participate in the AWs as well - so two birds with one stone.



A question Mr Duck…would the problem we used to have of teams adding members at the last minute be stood on its head as members quit at the last minute?

It’s all good bud the rewards are not much win or lose.

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True, but it’s more fun to play a balanced battle.


Thanks for the feedback. At least I understand how this works a little better. I’ve shared this info with our alliance and we’ll see where this takes us.

An opt out button may be nice, though. And how come all these small alliances aren’t getting matched up against each other if there are so many of us? That’s a head scratcher for me.

So, yeah, definitely a problem with the match-up parameters.


Ugh, that is currently impossible anyway. New members that join after the war has been announced can not participate in the war :slight_smile: