Small rant about raid tourneys

Kidding, is a long ■■■ rant… I was sharing my stats and defense team in the last tourney’s thread. I wanted to add a few positive things to it but it’s impossible. Everything about tourneys makes me rant, lol.

So, a positive thing to start with: Tourneys are very fun to play. You never know what weird combo of heroes you’ll fight next time. People put emblems even on Dawa! Dawa +20 is scarier than it sounds. Prisca +20 too, that scary emo girl :joy:

So yes, I think tourneys are fun but, that’s only because of its players and their teams. Same with Alliance Wars. I find them fun to play because of my clan mates. I think players bring the fun and social aspect of games into games.

Devs have nothing to do with the social part of this game, they only design the features. Players will keep playing no matter how bad a new feature becomes. And honestly, to me raid tourneys are one of the most flawed parts of the game right now. The ‘zero attacks on a defense team’ bug has not been fixed after months, and yet people is still participating.

Again, tourneys are not fun because SG came up with the original idea of adding more rules to raids and call it a tournament. Players made tourneys work. Despite all the bugs and poor loot, we kept playing. And we kept complaining about the loot but we were simply ignored.

In the end, any new feature SG comes up with, E&P players will use it and make it fun. I think devs know this, that’s why all these new brilliant ideas like lab alchemy and hero academy end up like this: More ‘exciting’ ways to pay money, more RNG, and more ways to add grind to the game so nobody can reach endgame.

According to the AMA, raid tourneys were supposed to make 3* heroes relevant again but, serious question to people: What’s the point of maxing all 3* heroes and giving them so many emblems?? I feel bad for the people who did that (including myself lol). All those maxed 3* will only be useful for rare monthly events. And loot in rare events is plain bad. Only top 10 get some unfarmable loot. People don’t need heavy emblemed 3* teams for that.

It’s been said before, tourneys’ loot is just terrible. Even if people get into 1% tier every 3* tourney, they will end up losing more than what they win, particularly emblems. Any smart player would put those emblems on 4* or 5* heroes instead. There are more ways to get unfarmable mats with a team of emblemed 4*.

I wish SG made tourneys’ loot better than it is right now, for all tiers. Adding more emblems to the loot wouldn’t hurt their multi million business, would it?

Imo what their new features are lacking is the incentive for players to keep playing. The only incentive of this game is basically getting unfarmable mats to ascend your heroes to help your teammates kill titans and win wars. Loot is the #1 incentive to play, yet this game is well know for its stinginess.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this :poop: off my chest. Hopefully nobody will take the discussion to ‘entitlement’ grounds. Have a good grind… er good day :wave:


What an entitled attitude. You want everything given to you on a silver platter? Nobody forces you to play this game.
Ok. whew. that’s out of the way.


To be honest, I agree that the loot sucks. I enjoy the opportunity to speed up my raid chests, and it’s fun to play with heroes that I would otherwise have fed to a 5*. I am also forced to consider slow heroes whereas I’d been leaning fast… on the OFF CHANCE that there is a rush tourney. (I leveled up 3 Arman for goodness sake) .

But emblems? I have 1 level on both Muggy, but that’s it. It’s just not worth it. And, fun fact, 3* with 20 emblems are still susceptible to a 3-2 or 4-1 stack. I do like the bloody battle, as I don’t have to worry about that Triar F, belith, muggy or hawkmoon. So… umm… yeah give the emblems to 4* you’ll actually use.

Don’t get me wrong, if you do not have better heroes, 3* remain great options for emblems… until you get a quality 4*.

Don’t call me entitled either, but I wouldn’t mind just having the loot that these tourneys were introduced with. They were hardly imbalanced, despite how broken the tourney was (and remains).


Apart from disagreeing about most of your post, here is one area that you really failed to consider:

I just had to fight 6 teams in a row that had HEAVILY emblemed 2* and 3* heroes. But, looking at the owner of those heroes, they were “lower-level” players. No one above LVL 30. But they were able to field crazy solid teams that I actually had to work on beating.

Now I have given a single level to my all-star 3* team just for fun and because I wanted to test it out, but no way in hell will I be using most of my emblems on 3*s when I have Hel, Kage, Posiden, GM etc etc etc who are all REALLY HUNGRY for those blue tokens.

And in this there is beauty.

I can field a few 4k teams at this point, but I am almost disadvantaged playing against a lower or new player. This is awesome! Now I am still top 1% since my deeper roster of heroes helps with color stacking, but I would be lying if I told you that all my wins this tourney were a lock from the get.

The tournament, especially the 3* one, levels the playing field and this is a good thing.

Ling live the tournament…but return the better loot (we agree here, i just dont think your argument for “why” is sound".


I agree that the loot and the matching of opponents is still way off kilter in the tournies. We work with what we got though and try to make the best of it. I don’t suspect the loot or matching will EVER be ‘fixed’ so that everyone is happy.

Emblems on 3*…I love em. I have a Bane with +19 and ChoadChin with +20. A handful of others sitting around +10. I agree there are some of the 3* heroes that don’t seem to improve with emblems, but overall they do make a difference. I’m level 51. It’s not super difficult to get a handful of solid 3* heroes with a lot of emblems, just choose them wisely. Emblems aren’t hard to come by, they do take a little time to accumulate, but they add up. I forget how many total emblems a 3* can hold when they are +20, but you can fill them up fast. I know saving emblems for a 4* or 5* seems like a much wiser choice in the long run, however, the 3* heroes fill up FAST, unlike the 4* and 5* heroes that require a couple months of emblem saving!

This game is meant to be fun, so just have some fun with it. If it isn’t fun, don’t join the 3* battles. I have had to reset a couple times because the hero just wasn’t cutting it. So now I have about ten 3* heroes sitting between +10 & +20. I have played them, they are battle tested and their worth has been proven. So I just swap em around based on opponents colors.

Now to compare some notes here: The last 3 matches I had this morning had full teams with +20 emblems and an overall score of less than 1000…after 3 days! I have lost two matches. Not sure how I got paired against other players with such low tournie scores. And here is the real kicker…most of them had their troops at level 1 still, their entire team! Maybe they were trying to skew the matching, but I will tell you this about that strategy (if that is indeed their line of thinking), it doesn’t work. I don’t have super high level troops, most sitting around level 10-15. It’s glaringly obvious to me that the troops matter WAY more than the emblems, for these 3* matches anyway, imo


That means low level players will be at a disadvantage once they get their GMs and Kages. So that actually proves my point. By embleming 3* heroes, low level players are actually hurting their progress in the game. There’s no beauty in that, and there’s no benefit for them outside raid tourneys. And I wouldn’t even call that a benefit. It’s a waste of emblems imo.

Lmao you entitled basterd :joy: Sry, I’m just kidding. Same, I wouldn’t mind if loot was returned to its old glory.

I love tourneys. I have the most fun in 3* tourneys to be honest. I’ve been preparing 3* teams for months, spending emblems, iron, food, sometimes gems on them. And I’ve been kicking 3* +20 butt all morning lol. I also maxed one Arman, He’s gonna be a beast in rush attack mode :slight_smile:

My rant wasn’t about emblems or loot tho. Obviously tourneys’ loot sucks but after battling the 10th heavy emblemed team I started wondering about the future of those low level players. Many of them probably think loot is gonna be like it was in the first tourney. It’s never gonna happen. Embleming a whole team of 3* is a terrible idea with the actual loot. My rant is kind of a warning to every person who’s considering embleming 3* for tourneys.

I told everybody in my clan the same thing the other day, even tho I told them it was a good idea to have emblemed 3* in the beginning. Sigh…

@Qwikening Emblemed 3* are pretty cool but looking at my Balthazar +20, Gill Ra +16, Bane +11 and many other 3* makes me question my own sanity lol. I’ve noticed the same thing, troops make a big difference, that’s why I leveled up some 2* troops to 7-9 lvl.

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Most of the time, my non-emblem 3 * team goes up against heavily emblemmed opponents. Ie, +18 Namahage, +11 Bane…sigh!

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My team for this tournie is as follows:

Melia +9, Valen +4, Chochin +20,Gato +9, Bane +19

Troop levels in same order:
15, 10, 12, 12, 11

This team is 15-2 on Defense. Currently top 1%. So the team synergy is either really good or lots of other people have had some horrible boards. If it’s the latter, it’s about time!


Just because a player is using the resources they have to advance does not mean it is a waste. You and I both know that Kage, GM, or shiny new hero may never come.

There is zero reason not to play with what you have. I have gotten 8 reset tokens (purchased 1) and if I wanted to emblem a hero and reset when I have made progress, that’s fine and doesn’t at all limit my progress. Additionally if someone is locked with a mostly 3* team, the emblems might help them in raids, titans, advancing in the story.

Back to the original point, the loot isn’t a good as it once was. That sucks, I agree. I think they made a huge mistake rolling it back. But it’s their business, and I am certain that they modeled everything out to match the earnings they need to hit to keep investors happy.

But the raid tournament as a whole is fun because of the rules that have been implemented and the fact that a player that has been playing for 4 months can compete with someone playing for a year is a great thing for the game and community

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What grinds my gears about the tournament? The matchmaking.

I do really well in 3* because I have a large variety of them fully leveled, but not emblemmed.

4 and 5*? I have a few heroes heavy emblem but not a large variety. Matchmaking gives me the toughest opponents and I lose quickly.

My alt account with all 3* usually scores better in the 5* tournaments lol

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It doesn’t limit your progress, but for a regular low level player, putting too many emblems on 3* heroes is a waste in many ways. Low level players with lots of 3* +20 can compete against old players but only once a month, every 3* raid tourney. And I doubt low level players can compete in rare monthly events tbh. They would need plenty crafting materials and energy flasks.

Resetting any hero is a waste of iron and food, and for f2p resetting a 3* +20 is a waste of valuable gems.

Using emblemed 3* against titans will only get them so far. Raids? Maybe, if they are still locked in silver arena. Imo 3* heroes are only useful at the beginning of the game when players don’t have enough 4* teams to level up. Right, some of those players will never get a GM or a Burrito, but they’ll get at least a vanilla 5*, and they will need all those emblems they wasted on 3*.

I’m not saying tourneys aren’t fun. In fact, participating in this last 3* tourney made me remember why I put so much effort in maxing all my 3*. It’s a shame loot sucks tho. It would be nice if original loot returned. At least we agree on that point :slight_smile:

Same, I usually do well in 3* tourneys. I have almost every 3* maxed, some emblemed. I’m stripping them off their emblems tho, one at a time.

4* and 5* tourneys are a gamble. I don’t remember which tourney it was but I got my ■■■ kicked by a lot of Wilbur +15 once lol. And 5* tourneys… I can’t get past day 1 sometimes. I skipped last 5* tourney.

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I’m not a big fan of the 3* “stuff” tourney included. But, figured hey free loot so first 3* tourney I threw 5 unleveled 3* (talking 1/1) in just for laughs. To my amazement I got top 25% loot. Bonus, was filled some raid chests as well ( loot wasn’t screaming but hey free). Sadly, months later I pretty much use the same team every 3* tourney ( Valen is level 1/17… I made an attempt that didn’t last long on leveling the 3*). Ive been top 5% a few times now with this strategy. Point is this… if you pay the 75 gems you will get to finish the tourney filling chests for days… I’ve noticed they will “find” horrible teams for you to face for the whole tourney and you will get some random bad loot just like everyone else!!! So, dont waste emblems on 3* . Your defence will get attacked seldom ( say 5 times which it’ll win 2… not kidding- who they are stopping I can’t imagine but chalk it up to rng). The tourney isn’t broken it’s just set up for you to spend the 75 gems.

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Can I ask… you have some strong 3* and you do well that’s cool. Do you find the loot you get from these tourneys making a difference? If you had no 3* would you say it’s worth leveling a bunch up?

Honestly, I don’t see a big difference in loot. In all the time I’ve been participating I’ve only received a couple hidden blades, some ETTs, and emblems ofc. I could have gotten those 2 blades elsewhere. About emblems, sometimes RNG gives you 30, sometimes 5. Tourneys’ loot is like a titan chest. It can be decent sometimes but plain sucks most of the time.

If I didn’t have any maxed 3 now I’d say (as a f2p) having only a few maxed 3* for tourneys is fine. Tourneys’ loot is free loot afterall. There’s no need to have 30 maxed 3* though. And putting 20 nodes in a 3*, hell no. Very bad investment of resources.

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