Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

Congrats. I am working on finishing her up. Will likely try and use up all my Blue trainers, as I short on scopes for any of the other 5*, and Chick JR ain’t gonna get them.

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Congrats!! She is very good!

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Thanks! She has definitely improved my defense and Alice is wondering why she has to split time with c-Sonya :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:grin: Vela is a beast on both offense and defense. On offense, try her in a blue stack and see that crit boost in effect. She will also fit well in your blue team against red titans. All in all, an all-round hero that fits pretty much everywhere. She will serve you well, so long as you don’t fling her away :slight_smile:

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Did someone mention a blue stack?
Lol yeah, I love this team.


Sorry Yellow team… Blue team has beat your record. 116k on a 2* Titan :slight_smile:

Wu and Isarnia are really earning their keep! and Nordri proving that 3*s still have their place.

and what can I say, Lepus and Kiril have been my main Blues since almost forever :slight_smile:


Finished both Wizard class quests, not only without Proteus… but also with pure vanilla teams (though I did have a couple costumes) :slight_smile:

There’s’a bit more hope for us FTPs and C2Ps :slight_smile: at least content like Class Quests can indeed be done with vanillas and a few items.


Well, I now have roster space again! So happy about that, also I finished up Vela using 16 trainer heroes, and a couple other feeders. Strangely I think I’m more excited about the roster space.

Down to 42 trainer heroes in stock, but I expect a blowout of Yellow soon, as I only have 1 Yellow hero to work on right now.

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Oh good lord… don’t remind me… :man_facepalming:

The last trial quest… challenge stage… got to the bosses…


Used up every single battle item I had brought to the battle… 5 arrows, 5 axes, 10 health potions, 20 minor health potions. Killed 2/3 of the bosses, all that was left was one with less than 5% HP and I died. :confounded:

Really did not want to do it, but damn… getting so close and wasting all of that stuff…

-75 gems :cry:

Upside is that I did get a reset emblem, which I will definitely need once I finish leveling a couple of my upcoming 5* potential superstars. So, I guess that’s worth 75 gems… I hope so, anyway.


I sometimes do that with titans. I bought extra teams so I can have one pre-set for each color, and have only done it once or twice since then.

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whenever I feel bad about spending gems on something, I just think - well, they’re gone now (and it’s not real money!) :slight_smile: I’ve spent 75 gems on a couple of raid tourney continues with mild regrets after. But ah well…

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I only spent the gems because I read on here that you can sometimes get reset emblems from completing the last stage on the emblem trials. I can usually only finish the first two. Occasionally I finish all 3 and I just get a trainer hero. I’m really going to need some reset emblems soon though… so I took a risk. Luckily it paid off.

I guess it was probably worth it? I’m assuming it would have cost me more than 75 gems to buy the emblems directly.


yeah I would say 75 gems is worth that! also, reset emblem gives you 100% of emblems used back I think, so you save on that too.

No regrets. If you hadn’t “wasted” the gems on the reset you would have got 1/4 of a feeder with them :rofl:

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Yep, that’s why I wanted it. I’ve got a couple of heroes near completion and they’re going to need emblems… meanwhile I have a couple of other mostly benched heroes who are hoarding emblems that aren’t being put to much use…

Aww but I really wanted another Dawa :frowning_face:


Yep, yep. You are 100% correct. A guaranteed item that I know I’ll be able to put to good use definitely beats 25% of a feeder any day.

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I’m currently at 23 resets. I’m hoarding them. Only ever used one, because I realized I’d used the completely wrong path for my Marjana.

Also, resets are a good reason for hoarding food in TC20. Emblems use a lot of food (and iron, now if there was a way to hoard that …)

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Here’s the thread:


Completed PoV to tier 50. My goal was 48, but ended up at 50 when Tourney fights went easier than planned. Can even skip some of the last few dailies.

Happy that I can now get the free AM reliably now.


Congrats, got to 49 for the first time on the POV, but I didn’t push for 50 as I didn’t care about the avatar.

I finally finished S1 and my team of Hansel, Rigard-C, Boril, Boldtusk, Sonya has kept me in Platinum for two nights in a row. I just got into platinum for the first time this week. I thought I would be cup dropping like crazy over night.


Wow!! Lots of milestones. Awesome to hear. Keep up the grind :slight_smile:


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