Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

Yeah, same strategy then! :slight_smile: I have sometimes fired off Wu before the others in the hopes of getting the defense down but when it misses, it is annoying so i learnt my lesson the hard way. lol


yeah, I was the same back when Wu was new for me :slight_smile: haha! It especially hurt one time, when I missed with Nordri… then the Titan killed him next turn :rofl: I always bring healing potions now to avoid that!


Well, the top 1% didn’t stick, as I lost a lot on day 4/5, and finished with B defense. But that’s still the first time I saw that even show up, and I will gladly take a top 10%.


I do the same. He’s the off-color one when I am bringing Red, Blue, or Green. If I bring Yellow, he’s is by definition not off-color. I don’t bring him if I am bringing Purple to hit Yellow.


top 10% is still good :slight_smile: and you were top 1% for a while, that’s worth celebrating!

I’ve been thinking as well, if I should take Wu along for Yellow Titans. I do figure that it’s worth it, I still hit the Titan mostly with Purple tiles… and my Yellow Titan team scores aren’t too far behind the scores my other teams can manage.


A top 10% - by definition - means you did better than at least 90% of the players. That calls for a celebration! :slight_smile:

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If you do not have the other off-colour Titan specialists such as Miki, Tarlak etc. then you should definitely take Wu.
You’ll still get a better score than you would otherwise. :grin:


thanks :wink: I figured it as well, but the only records of the game I really keep (for now) are a list of heroes and their levels and emblems (so I can make ascension decisions). But if I had to swear, I would say that Wu indeed improved my scores even against Yellow Titans!


I bring Wu to ALL titans. On Yellow titans, I bring along Norns (one of my 3 5* heroes lol) who is still only at 2.50 or so, and then set off her special - all weak tiles become strong :smiley: I LOVE beating the system. lol


Clever tactic @angeljenn149 ! If I ever get Norns (or Guardian Chameleon) I will do the same :smiley:


That’s a very good technique, @angeljenn149 ! :smiley:

Btw, using Chameleon and Norms like that is a very niche technique used by top players.

In the No-Red-Tournament a couple of weeks back, some of the top players were using Chameleon in this exact fashion. They raided with a green stack against Telluria, and used Chameleon - all of a sudden, Telluria becomes vulnerable to green! :grin:

May be you should level up that Norns quickly… :wink:


Ohhh Norns looks awesome. Adding that one to my wish list for sure.


Dude. You are awesome. I have apparently become one of the heavy hitters of my team, who knew how that happened?.. But I truly love helping and at least encouraging my other teammates. We have an awesome bunch of people, and my biggest thrill is seeing them rise.


I may not be the biggest small fish in my pond for long. Brought in someone from the forum (won’t mention his name in case he prefers anonymity), but he’s been doing a great job so far. With his help, we’ve been able to progress to the next level of titans, and I’m already seeing a noticeable improvement on my personal titan loot.

Still trying to keep the alliance casual and low key for the most part… got a lot of members who are still growing (slow but steady). I know how this game works, I know the only way to get ahead fast and compete in top tiers is by spending a bunch of money and tryharding and shaming others for not “pulling their weight,” but that sucks the fun out of it for me.

Do I want everyone to get better? Of course. Do I want to whip and chastise them and make them feel bad for not getting better fast enough? Absolutely not. Some of them play more than others. Some grow faster than others. Some are luckier than others. I really don’t care as long as everyone is having fun and doing their best whenever they’re able to… of course real life obligations ALWAYS come first. I’m actually far more likely to kick someone if they start taking the game too seriously than I am to kick someone for missing a titan here and there. :grin:


I got not one but TWO clerics emblem in my mystic vision today.

better than 1x herb and 1x bone


That is really subjective :wink: :wink:

Giddy to finally get Vela maxed out after waiting months for my final scope. Six months of anticipation and the payoff is worth it!


I assume you’re referring to my philosophy that real life comes before the game?

I suppose it could be considered subjective… however… if the game is the most important thing to you? Then the game is your life. In which case, my opinion could be considered to be objectively true. :grin:

Or perhaps you were referring to the other post below mine… for some reason the game notification told me that you were replying to me… LOL

Nope, wasn’t referring to you at all. It was a cheeky response to the post directly above mine. I would have used the arrow thingy to reply to whatever post of yours that you thought I read.

Sorry about that, I got the notification on mine that you were replying to me. Must’ve been a forum glitch. Carry on!

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