Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

As last month was ending and moving into this month, a friend was helping me chase a hero (knowing the odds weren’t gonna make it happen). In this, I practically got every Epic hero currently in Clash of Knights EXCEPT the very hero he had recommended that I have.

Before this, too, I had gotten a couple new Epics, Uthragan, and Lucinda.

  • Bogart
  • Koda
  • Wren
  • Gadeirus (and Untold Tales gave me costume)
  • Proteus costume
  • Leonidas second costume (from HA10)

Now, I just need food!


Congrats for your achievement. I am a bit behind and hope to finish the hardmode next time the portal opens up, to have 12 more tries for the HotM, she avoided me after 21 costume chamber pulls.

Happy gaming

Personal Victory, I think I got a new high score on the current (Yellow) Mythic Titan, which is great because usually red is my best, and my previous best was 1.5 million, on this Yellow (my worst colour) I got 1.6 million AND it was on the second flag, so I wasn’t using the FULL % bonus


2 months down the line, and thought to update this mainly for myself, to remind me how much my roster has evolved.

since last update, only Thalassa has joined my roster. However, I have ascended a handful more:

  1. Blue - Sobek has since been finished. Aqualith (a 4*) is now being done, and then Thalassa. Poor Balur and Thorne, bumped again…

  2. Purple - no 5* projects now, so have been finishing a bunch of unique 4*. I admit to being pleasantly surprised by Ana-Belle; her big heal % is crutch!

  3. Red - I finished Wilbur and Falcon, then decided to go Xiwangmu over Kravekrush and Tahir. My Red 5* queue is crazy long!

  4. Yellow - C-Roc and Eset both done, now slowly working on C1 and C2 Justice. (I put C2-Chao ahead of Justices!) I’m very satisfied with both Roc and Eset, by the way.

  5. Green - Heimdall is done, now slowly working on base Elkanen so I can emblem and strengthen his costume

New tally: (only includes dupes I am keeping)

61 ascended 5 s + 10 un-maxed = 71 total 5 s (64 unique, 7 dupes)

64 of them unique + 17 (!) costumes. (20 vanilla, 3 Atlantis, 7 Seasonal, 21 HOTM, 3 Valhalla, 2 Challenge Event, 1 Styx, 1 Ninja, 2 from Three Kingdoms, 2 Dunes, 1 Underwild, 1 Untold Tales).

that leaves 7 dupes, which are: (already maxed)- C-Lepus, C-Magni, C-Marjana, C2-Joon, (not yet maxed) - R&N, Vivica, C-Lianna

  • 61 Ascended: Inari, Margaret, C1-Lepus, Seshat, C1-Marjana, C1 and C2 Joon, Aeron, Aegir, Gregorion, Rana, Elena, Isarnia, C1-Sartana, Malosi, Azlar, Francine, C-Richard, Santa Claus, Domitia, 2nd C-Marjana, 2nd C1 and C2 Joon, C-Lianna, C-Magni, C-Khagan, Bera, Yang Mai, Devana, Ursena, Leonidas, 2nd C-Magni, Iris, Justice, Russell, Elradir, Guardian Chameleon, Vivica, Zagrog, Obakan, 2nd C-Lepus, Quintus, Silvaria, Guardian Owl, Kadilen, Klaern, Nyx, Celidana, C-Victor, C-Krampus, Mitsuko, Amethyst, Roughian & Nurgib, Viselus, Grazul, Diaochan, Guan Yu, Lord Loki, Skargremar, C-Roc, Heimdall, Eset, Sobek (57 unique + 4 dupe)

  • 10 in queue, not in order of priority but in rough order of acquisition: Elkanen (base + 2 costumes), Horghall, Thorne, Balur, Tahir, Kravekrush, Thalassa, and dupes of R&N, Vivica, C-Lianna (7 unique + 3 dupes). Thalassa is the one I’m most excited about, while Kravey will fill a good niche. Tahir and C2 Elky are solid. Horghall, Thorne and Balur are the ones who’ve been languishing the most; Elkanen has been saved by his C2 at least.

  • My 17 costumes, where C1 and C2 count separately, are: Joon 1 and 2, Marjana, Sartana, Richard, Domitia, Magni, Khagan, Elkanen 1 and 2, Lianna, Justice 1 and 2; Master Lepus, Victor, Krampus, Roc (all costumes are S1 or seasonal)

  • Lb2ed 5*s - so far, only Nyx - she’s my goddess on both offense and defense, and is my tank (we do Purples). I’ll soon be able to Lb2 a second and third - C-Krampus is my top pick, he’s useful on both offense and defense… have to think about whom else though.

  • Lb1-ed 5*s - 22 - Nyx, Amethyst, Seshat, Bera, Diaochan, C2-Joon, Devana, Malosi, C-Roc, Inari, C-Krampus, C-Richard, C-Lepus, Lord Loki, Silvaria, Francine, Gregorion, R&N, C-Marjana, Grazul, Zagrog, Santa. yeah yeah, some of them were LBed when I had a thinner roster (glares at Santa). no regrets though. among the rest:

** Purple - C-Victor (recently LBed Diaochan)
** Yellow - none, will save the aethers (though Eset is surprisingly fun!)
** Red - maybe Mitsuko, as her mana cut is useful against all enemies (unlike Ursena, whom I only bring versus Yellow hitters)
** Green - Heimdall, then Guan Yu, then maybe Viselus. poor C-Lianna is overshadowed, as Gregorion fulfils my sniping needs decently, and his crit boost is useful too
** Blue - maybe C-Magni, then maybe Sobek. Not considering Iris anymore as I prefer Xiahou Dun

also in pretty table form (only uniques counted):

Total Dark Holy Ice Nature Fire
S1/ TC20 20 4 4 4 4 4
S2: Atlantis 3 1 1 1
S3: Valhalla 3 1 1 1
S4: Underwild 1 1
S5: Dunes 2 1 1
HoTM 21 2 3 4 5 7
Seasonal 7 1 2 2 1 1
Challenge Events 2 1 1
Towers 2 2
3 Kingdoms 3 1 1 1
Untold Tales 1 1
Total 65 12 12 13 13 15
Costume 17 3 5 4 3 2

costumes not counted in total


After saving all my ETTs for months for the magic tower, I finally got a purple magic troop, which means i now have 5x mana troops in each colour! Of course soon we’ll be getting 5* troops but for now I’m very satisfied!


enjoy the complete collection! yay!

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Pretty proud this new milestone.

Hitting a new PB highest titan damage on my 4000th defeated Titan:


Something all can achieve but which I also consider the biggest flex :wink:


nice! definitely a great milestone to be proud of!!

oh that is so nice, a completed/empty mission list! yay!

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My troops are woefully behind where they should be. It is just not fun or work on them and costs SO much food. I did finally get a Wizard troop to 17 in two colors to hit another mana break point yesterday though:



Great achievement Muchacho,
you will notice a lot of fights will get easier now.
But I would wait with further troop levelling until v63 will be active. According to the beta testers they will reduce the effective leveling costs for troops.

Happy gaming

Nice work, and keep going (as long as you want to) @Muchacho! :+1::smile:

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I got top player of the match for my previous alliance war. :star_struck::partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


3 Personal Victories for me:

  1. Finally reached rank 100
  2. Finally got my raid defense to over 6000 team power.
  • My Max troops are about 18, and that’s only for 1, the rest are about 13 or 14.
  • I only have about 2 Aether 1 Green so I am no way near being able to LB1 or Lb2 Frog Prince, unfortunately
  1. I got my best Highest Trophies a few days ago: 3,111

I noticed almost a 4th victory:
I had 11/12 HOTM for 2023, just never got Roughian and Nurgib


Wow that’s a whole bunch of victories, nice!

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During the secrets of the opera I finished my first ever legendary challenge event.