Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

congrats on getting Mist! i use mine all the time. i know how much you like mana control. the SS def down is very very good too. great hero.

that other one, squidbeard or whatever, yeah, he’s ok too i guess.


I have never liked or had done very well at raiding . I was only there for a microsecond as I was knocked back down to 102nd quickly and subsequently a whole lot further but, for a brief moment…


Nicely done, made all the more impressive because you hate raising :slight_smile: and it counts even if only for a second :slight_smile:

Should I brag that the Ludwig I spent 15 souls on is still at 1-1 because I am busy maxing two costumes for Domitia?

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Got another 200k+ hit :slight_smile:


Congrats indeed! I love it when 3* heros can shine :trophy:


Thank you kindly @Sarah2 :slight_smile: yes to unsung 3*!


Today I maxed (4/80) and LB my first 5* with two costumes!
I had C. Domitia for a long time, but last CC I got her 2nd costume and today I finished it and I LB her. Still I need a lot of feeders to bring her to 85 level.


This is what I am working towards. Domi has been a mainstay in my raid attacks without a costume for years, I can’t wait to see how she rocks the Undead Sniper look.

Congrats on the costumes.

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I am also currently maxing Bertulf – can’t wait to try him instead of Wu Kong.

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Good substitution :wink:

Lately I have been thinking anyone short of Ranvir is a good substitution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know you say that as a joke, but Wu and Ranvir are my only boosters. My scores went up switching to Ranvir and the Mythic Titan teams with Ranvir score higher than the Wi teams.

I also got Edelaide recently. The game says I can have all the booster I want as long as they miss ….


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Me happy


Wow, well done!!! That’s great!

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Fd also top 100 again :smile: that’s of course group effort

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For years now my Titan team is Wu / Wilbur / 3 strong colour heroes (usu a healer, a def down preferably elemental, a hard hitter). Would really love to try changing it up. Some days it’s miss miss miss.

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Congrats! And I think I just took some cups from you :rofl:

All good I get it. I don’t know E&P titan like without misses 4+ years in :laughing:.

I think if I got a different booster my brain wouldn’t be able to wrap my head around tiles not missing


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my greatest small personal victory up to now is that i played all s5 stages so far - normal and hard - in automode. :heart_eyes: