Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

New PR on either an 8* or 9* (I forgot, it’s from a few days ago):



Same here, from 2 days ago. These LB teams don’t seem to be much different from regular non LB ones on defense.


What about with Shrubby?

Congrats @Muchacho! It was a very nice hit!

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Congrats @Saros and @Kilted! I don’t remember having met such a defense yet, probably still rather exceptional. Nice wins!

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Well, I am jelous of him (the only 3* I don’t have, I think, and I pulled in Wonderland especially for him :smiley: ). I also use Frosty lb and +19 emblems in my war teams as my second healer, love that chill dude :stuck_out_tongue:

I am challenging you though for the videos without Alfrike :wink: She is is in a class of her own from my point of view, especially with Grimble against minion makers.

Hokay… can I use Proteus?

Yeah :slight_smile: 202020 mana control Proteai

Almost fudged it up with my premature Grimblation, but managed to pull it off. I recorded another which also had a good board… will see if I can get a worse board to share once I have more flags

Edit: And here you go!


WOW!!! I am truly impressed! You went 2-2-1, so the tile damage was not big, and you only had two damage dealers, both rather modest (Grimble has very low attack stats and Proteus has only DoT). This is truly an example to be studied :slight_smile:

I have to share that initially I was thinking to tell you to try without Proteus, but I thought that both Grimble and Proteus have the same speed, so it was not like you would charge a heavy damage dealer, plus you mentioned that your style goes towards mana control and I did not want to steal that from you :smiley:

And congrats for your patience, especially the second one was a very protracted battle for which I am not sure I would have had the patience.

If you ever decide to record your war hits, you already have a fan that’s going to watch them :smiley:

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I prefer to win through specials so generally speaking tile damage is not a big consideration. The way I set up my teams is they don’t have much fire-power but they do give me control of the flow of the match which does mean it is rarely wham bham thank you ma’am but rather multiple iterations of specials that gradually wear down the opponent.

I record most of my war hits but generally just share the more interesting ones with my alliance. Since you expressed a curiosity here are my hits from this war for a score of 310 vs xtreme fury

I had to do 3 teams if heavy stacking which I don’t like to do if I can avoid it, but there weren’t any teams where I could utilise some of my more niche counters so I had to brute force it for those 3. War hit 6 had my 2 elradirs which you might find interesting.

This was my 3rd consecutive week of 6 o/s so I guess that qualifies as a ridiculous brag?


I managed to watch all the battles and I can only say that maybe you’re the most versatile player I’ve seen so far - you manage great both 2-1-1-1 and mono. Hat off to you! You also use a lot of 4* heroes and it was nice to see Chazkkarot in war :slight_smile: , even though as I was saying at some other point, basically Grimble, Alfrike, some dark tiles and a healer are enough to kill any minion army :smiley:

If you manage to post more war videos, I will be happy to watch them, as they are interesting and probably I can learn quite a bit from them.

Good luck in today’s war!


Took down my first 5000 TP opponent today.


Nicely done! That’s a tough defense to crack

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