Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

FTP player been playing for 3 years this month and finally got my first event legendary. Haven’t had anything special to work on lately so I did my first power level. I’ve been saving trainer heroes from HA (151), hero tokens (224) and finished with TC2. Here she is and got her blinking.


Congratulations! She is a good one.

Don’t have her myself, but I vividly recall a few fights against her where opponent had put her in a corner wing, and I thought I was winning the battle. Until she fired and half my team was dead. :scream:

That is one scary wabbit!


good job! and congrats on getting your first event legendary!


Finally beat a 4800 plus point team.

Team used was my fun kill or be killed red stack


Today I saw people blaming f2p and whales for dumb reasons and I wasn’t even mad.

Just another day in the forum :joy:


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, or have had much to say about the game. I’m basically a non-spender sticking it out, and doing well enough, and it’s still fun enough. Need days like today to do that.

Been grinding away for a while, and can now say that my last building will be at max soon - Hunter’s Lodge.

Also I finally got Azlar, from Hero Academy, so now hoping for one of the the other missing S1 heroes to pop up soon. Even got Squire Wabbit earlier in this event, but he’s a 3*, so not worth a post by himself. I can’t remember the last time I got 2 new heroes in the same month.

Hope all of you are doing well with your particular goals.


nice work @Kilted ! and against 3 ninjas + Krampus too! Good team selection!

@SirGorash that’s a great accomplishment lol. forums are more fun when I ignore the dumb reasoning :stuck_out_tongue:

@Zteev kudos on the continued grinding! Azlar and Wabbit are good pulls.

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I have a beauty. I was raiding, as you do, and had just one revenge opportunity for the day. I have never seen a Raid revenge ever anywhere that scored this many cups! The weird thing is I don’t remember attacking an Aife and a Derick (any of a combination of both or either)? Confusion seems to be in command today?


HA10 result.

An oldie but a goodie :grin:


What probably happened there is that they had raided you with their main team, then put up an Aife defense. By the time you got around to revenging them, they had probably put their regular team back in. Cup droppers are real heroes, aren’t they?


New PR titan hit record on an 8* red. The way the tiles were coming I hated the round ended!



Congrats! My own personal best hits were also on 8* Blaze Dragons.

For maximum effectiveness on those: tornados, mana pots, and scrolls of alteration. Bonus if you have Miki, Jott, and Kiril. That red dragon will be begging for mercy by the time you get done with it. :+1:



I wasn’t actually going for a record so I used like 1 minor mana pot and that was it. I only have Kiril of that lot, but he was there. Team was:

Ranvir +5
Kiril +20
Magni +16
Glenda +14
Athena +14

Random FYI, Glenda makes minions but they generally count for nothing. The HP is way too low.



We actually have exactly the same titan right now, but I’m completely out of battle items, and I haven’t gotten great boards.

I’m using Miki, Richard, Kiril, Jott, and Isarnia. My best hit so far on our current one was 57k with an average board.

Give me enough battle items and better boards, and I’d be in the 6 digits.

Unfortunately, no blue tiles + no mana pots, hurricanes, tornadoes, or alteration scrolls = bleh scores. :slightly_frowning_face:

Can’t win them all though, right?


Yesterday I finished S3 in normal mode, yey! It took two attempts, first team died and I had to try again with different heroes and items.
First team I chose was Rigard - Tiburtus - Cyprian - Proteus - Gullinbursti.
Tiburtus died first and a strategy with riposters doesn’t work well with those bosses - their specials are too strong.
So I tried to beat the bosses with this team and items:

I used a few time stops and tornados and killed the bosses. :muscle:


well done! that’s a nice team there, well chosen for the bosses!


Thank you! Now I’m struggling through the hard mode with Rigard - Misandra - Cyprian - Proteus - Gullinbursti. Now I’m in 19th province, will see how far I can get with this team. I saw a video in which a player beat the bosses in hard mode with epic heroes only, but he had 2 Gullinbursti. :slightly_smiling_face:

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finally, Valhalla smiled down on me. After my disastrous 10-pull, I was gonna try again…

100 Valhalla coins = dupe Sudri. bah!

Then I saw others having good luck, so tried gems.

Gem pull 1… Brienne.

Meh. Last gem pull…


Fast track to maxing, she is. I have enough Tools and Tabards, yay!

She’s the first new 5* I’ve pulled in 2 months :slight_smile:

New tally:

23 (after Bera) ascended 5 s + 14 un-maxed = 37 total 5 s, 29 of them unique not counting costumes. (17 vanilla, 1 Atlantis, 4 Seasonal, 6 HOTM, 1 Valhalla, zero Challenge Event / Ninja / Myztero).

  • Ascended: Inari, Margaret, Lepus, Seshat, Marjana w/ costume, Joon w/ costume, Aeron, Aegir, Gregorion, Rana, Elena, Isarnia, Sartana w/ costume, Malosi, Azlar, Francine, 2nd Sartana w/ costume, Richard w/ costume, Santa Claus, Domitia w/ costume, 2nd Marjana w/ costume, 2nd Joon w/ costume, Bera (soon to be)
  • Parked at 3/70 or lower: Leonidas, Kadilen, Elkanen, Justice, Horghall, Obakan, Magni, Khagan, Lianna, dupes of Santa Claus + Domitia, triplet of Joon, and dupe + triple of Richard
  • Sartana, Joon, Richard, Marjana and Domitia have costumes

Only 3 missing vanillas left - Vivica, Thorne and Quintus.


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