Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

… and Domitia and her costume make my 20th ascended 5*!

had 12 tabards, decided to go with her - I get another sniper who can also cleanse or dispel :slight_smile: will be great for my 2nd mono Purple war team. with Domitia ascended, I will be able to field two almost identically strong Purple mono teams

Finally, 2nd Marjana and costume make 21 :wink:

Oh, and I ate 4th Richard and 2nd Elkanen… too many dupes, not enough space.

New tally:

19 + 2 = 21 ascended 5 s. 41 total 5 s, 27 of them unique. (16 vanilla, 1 Atlantis, 4 Seasonal, 6 HOTM, still zero Valhalla or Challenge Event).

  • Ascended: Inari, Margaret, Lepus, Seshat, Marjana w/ costume, Joon w/ costume, Aeron, Aegir, Gregorion, Rana, Elena, Isarnia, Sartana w/ costume, Malosi, Azlar, Francine, 2nd Sartana w/ costume, Richard w/ costume, Santa Claus, Domitia w/ costume, 2nd Marjana w/ costume
  • Parked at 3/70 or lower: Leonidas, Kadilen, Elkanen, Justice, Horghall, Obakan, Magni, Khagan, dupes of Santa Claus + Elena + Kadilen + Isarnia + Domitia + Magni, triples of Richard, quadruplets (!) of Joon
  • Sartana, Joon, Richard, Marjana and Domitia have costumes

The only missing vanillas are Lianna, Vivica, Thorne and Quintus.


My first 100k titan hit on a non-dark titan! Had an amazing board. :heart_eyes:

Achieved with this team:


How does that work? I have 2 Mists but none of that fancy stuff you have. I just came to brag about pulling a Ninja troop on the 4th ETT pull. They are weapons.

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i guess it’s just luck and RNG :frowning: sometimes more pulls means more luck, but not always…

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Well @TGW puts me to shame too. I spent about my first year here complaining about being cursed. Now the F2P rebellion seems attractive.

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First time in the Global Top 100! Of course, I got bumped off a few minutes later. :laughing:


Today I finished Atlantis in hard mode. :+1:
For stages I used this team:
Kiril +CB +15 - Boril +19 - Proteus +16 - Cyprian +19 - Sabina +20

For Ursena:
C. Boldtusk +19 - Carol +18 - Wilbur +18 - Sonya +20 - Kiril +CB +15

I’m glad I didn’t need legendary heroes. :blush:


Well i can brag about my first top1% 5* tournament without having to continue.
Really this week’s tourney was tailored around my poor roster as i have 9 5* if i remove the 3 greens.
So i went with only 3 loses using 4 yellow 1 purple all the way beating 4750-4800 defences in last day.
And i didn’t know if i’ll finish top 1% my poor def was C attacked couple times on first 2 days only.
Entered day 5 with 2 loss only and 3rd one shortly after 2nd attack so i had to win all 3 that were left and i did so here I am bragging about it, have video, might post screens. Up to you if you believe or not. It’s a braggin thread!!!

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Oh wow. That’s great. Congrats! I’m still working my way through Atlantis in normal mode (I’m waiting for the upcoming Atlantis Rises event to start plugging away at the levels again). I have all the same heroes that you used to play through the stages, except for Proteus.


congrats! quite an accomplishment @valourandvaliance . raiding up is always a rush :slight_smile:

congrats @Sorvina very impressive doing it without any 5*s, and your team was very well chosen

nice work @NikolayVKazakov and doing that in a 5* tournament is especially impressive!


Congrats @Sorvina ! That’s awesome. With Carol no less! If you read her thread people said she is junk, way to prove other wise! :+1:



A team with two riposters is great. Many bosses hit all heroes and they kill themselves, even with Kiril’s defence up. If some bosses were still alive, then I used Proteus to get some time to charge my heroes again. Let me know what team you will use. :+1:

Really? :grin: Sometimes I think that I choose heroes quite randomly and other players would pick much better teams. Thank you!

I like her. I like that she is red and cuts mana. And she’s fast and her “gift” deals decent damage. I really wanted to have her because if this mana cut. :blush:

Now we’ll see how much S3 is more difficult.
Thank you!


oh yes, you did exactly perfectly well :slight_smile: two healers, one boosting defense, two boosting attack, one defense buffer + spirit linker who also reduces enemy defense; it was the perfect set up against a Titan-like boss. I mean, I tried 20+ times and only finally managed myself by combining attack debuff and defense buff in on team. but yours was very big on survivability, which led the way to a win :slight_smile:


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