Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

After almost 2 years of playing, today I finally completed Season 2 hard mode. I’ve been steady plugging away at this for so long now and beating the final stages this Atlantis was a lot of fun. Season 3 here I come!


hurrah! some great accomplishments here. keep plugging away everyone!!

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I have never spent gems on troops.

Approaching 3 years of playing, I finally got my first 4* red crit troop to complete a full set of rainbow 4* troops! :partying_face::joy:

PS Thanks for starting this thread @TGW! :smile:


Do you really run 5 rainbow teams in war??

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No way. :joy::rofl:

20 showing troops




Another try, another success! :slight_smile:


After almost 25 months of playing, last night I was able to put together a rainbow team of maxed legendaries. Green took its sweet time about showing up. I maxed three legendary reds before a legendary green ever showed up!


you always remember your first :slight_smile: 5s are so rare for us that I remember the rough order i received each 5, and the order i’ve maxed all of my maxed ones! congratulations, that’s a sweet rainbow team there


Yeah, I could get pretty close, I think. I know Onatel was my first-ever. You sure as heck don’t forget when your first five-star is the HotM! After that, Poseidon, and then I got TC 20 up and running and got Domitia on my fourth pull, and Thorne a few days later. I think Azlar was next after that. I remember having a serious debate with myself about whether Onatel or Poseidon would get my first set of darts. Eventually chose Poseidon, which is a choice I’ve been happy with long-term. He’s still the most powerful hero on my roster at +16.


Got darts from special titan big holy chicken.
First time this year I get 4* AM from a special titan.


I have similar. WARNING, this has turned into a history of Sleepyhead’s account…

Aegir came first, then Aeron, then Inari, Lepus and Margaret in a flood. Finishing Atlantis Hard gave me the mats for a Blue, a Yellow and a Green. So Inari and Margaret got ascended without much thought, while I had to think hard between Aegir and Lepus (both of whom were already at 3/70).

I prioritized offense… so Lepus won out. No regrets, he really upped my game. Sure, my defense still got thrashed a lot, but I was able to revenge fairly easily :wink:

Then Gregorion and Rana came… no regrets though, as Margaret and Inari had also upped my offense (in a different way, where Greg and Rana would have let me hit harder, Inari and Marge allowed me to survive longer!)

then my 6th tabard showed up, and I was debating whether to pull the trigger on Aeron…

… then out popped Seshat! I didn’t need to think a second more, Aeron got relegated to the bench and I poured everything into Sesh. She’s still easily the Queen of my roster. costume Sartana and costume Joon have a higher card power, but they don’t have the deadly combo of longevity and snipe that Seshat has!

**So tally at this point: **

  • Maxed: Inari, Margaret, Lepus, Seshat
  • At 3/70: Aegir, Aeron, Gregorion and Rana

2 per color except Red.

And then my summoning luck went on hiatus. But my TC20s had caught up, so a whole bunch of vanillas came flooding in.

Domitia, Isarnia, Sartana, Leonidas… and Marjana and Joon.

(this one was funny, Joon’s costume came like a week before Joon actually did - back when the costume pulls didn’t come with the heroes!)

And I had my next batch of mats. Except Tonics, for some reason Tonics hate me.

  • Marjana and Joon got ascended without a thought. Marjana gave me a full rainbow (she immediately went into my defense), while Joon gave me a powerful Yellow sniper (before, I had to rely on Chao and Li Xiu!)
  • Purple was tougher. Aeron, Domitia or Sartana? I only had Sabina for healing (and dispel), and no Rigard yet for cleansing… so with Seshat filling a sniper role, and two solid dispellers in Sabsy and Sesh, I went with Aeron for the cleanse and immunity. he comboed exceedingly well not only with my Purple squad, but with Lepus and Jack O’Hare (blocking their defense debuff!)
  • And then Blue. Isarnia was powerful, but a look at my roster (tally: Margaret, Inari, Lepus, Seshat, Aeron, Marjana, Joon) showed a gap - I had no tank. and with the meta shifting towards speed (a strike vs. Isarnia), plus a +13 Grimm already on board, i chose Aegir. And he’s been my tank ever since…

Tally at this point:
Ascended 1 Red and 1 Green, and 2 each of Blue, Purple, Yellow

  • Ascended: Inari, Margaret, Lepus, Seshat, Marjana, Joon, Aeron, Aegir
  • Parked at 3/70: Gregorion, Rana, Domitia, Sartana, Isarnia, Leonidas

Right, TC 20 kept churning things out… Richard, Elena, Kadilen, Elkanen, Justice and Malosi all joined the family in quick succession, as did Richard’s and Sartana’s costumes. and the next batch of mats came.

  • Elena, because she was the only Red, she’s a beast on offense, and I had 12 Rings.
  • Gregorion, who’d been waiting patiently since I pulled him a month or two after ascending Margaret (sorry Kadi and Elky). Greg finally gave me a strong Green "sniper’ (albeit average speed).
  • Rana vs. Malosi. after thinking hard and asking forum advice, I went with Rana (who had been thoroughly vetted by the community) and benched Malosi, who was still new. (no regrets, Rana has been solid and excellent against healers, especially nasty Kunchen tanks. though Malosi is also great and I highly recommend to anyone who gets him!)
  • Domitia vs. Sartana. Well, I had Sarty’s costume but not Domi’s. And the mana speed difference is significant. And Sabsy and Sesh were still fulfilling my dispel needs, so Sartana got the call.
  • Isarnia vs. Richard. After asking around, consensus was that Richard was a good tank while Isarnia was beastly on offense. And I already had Aegir as tank… so Isarnia

Tally at this point, with 5 new ascensions:

  • Ascended: Inari, Margaret, Lepus, Seshat, Marjana, Joon w/ costume, Aeron, Aegir, Gregorion, Rana, Elena, Isarnia, Sartana w/ costume
  • Parked at 3/70 or lower: Domitia, Leonidas, Malosi, Kadilen, Elkanen, Richard, Justice (was still 1/1 due to me working on Malosi, in preparation)

Then I got a streak of amazing luck, 3 Mystic Visions in a month with Darts. And the Sand Empire and Shiloh Desert both came around, giving me two more Darts. I took it as a sign…

… and Malosi got the call. I already knew he would be ascended over Leo and Justice, so I did not hesitate. And he’s been a key part of my Yellow squad ever since, blocking some of the most annoying defensive heroes like Telly. And he’s saved me against Kunchen and Ursena tanks when the board has been bad. One of the best choices I ever made.

Since then, Azlar, Horghall, Obakan and Magni have also come out. And I had enough rings, so also pulled the trigger on Azlar (still have 8 Rings now! and he’s great on offense) plus dupes of Sartana, Elena and Kadilen… and triplicates (!!!) of Richard and Joon!

But at this point I’m sitting on four ascended Yellows, three ascended Blues, Purples and Reds, and two Greens. Three per color is plenty, as I have great 4*s backing them up.

And my Green squad has a strong support backbone of 4*s (2x each Melendor w/ costume, Caedmon w/ costume and Hansel, plus others) so I’ve held off on spending my Tonics as I only have 7. Who knows, Mother North might finally come this Christmas…

so tally as of today. 4 + (3 x 3) + 2 = 15 ascended 5s, currently enough mats for 4 more, and 16 more 5s waiting for mats (31 5*s in all, 24 of those unique).

  • Ascended: Inari, Margaret, Lepus, Seshat, Marjana, Joon w/ costume, Aeron, Aegir, Gregorion, Rana, Elena, Isarnia, Sartana w/ costume, Malosi, Azlar
  • Parked at 3/70 or lower: Domitia, Leonidas, Kadilen, Elkanen, Richard, Justice, Horghall, Obakan, Magni, dupes of Sartana + Elena + Kadilen, and triples of Richard + Joon
  • Sartana, Joon and Richard have costumes

for vanillas, only missing Lianna, Vivica, Thorne, Khagan and Quintus. If I do pull Lianna, and don’t get Mother North or Francine, Lianna will get the mats. As for the rest, I’ll wait and see how the costumes pan out - though I’m leaning Magni > Thorne, Leo w/ costume > Vivica. but things can change quickly and I might suddenly get lucky…


I couldn’t have done that well on my entire history, but reading through yours, I think I would have probably made the same choices. Well done, and good luck on landing Lianna. She is as good as advertised.

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thanks for the affirmation :slight_smile: i have no regrets, but always nice to hear an assent.

and thanks - i don’t have Lianna yet, sadly. eagerly waiting though. I’m sure she’ll come out eventually…!


So, today in my small alliance, I took down a three-star Titan by myself without using items. First time for me to do that.

Here’s the crew I used.


My first 5* heroes, by color and in order of receiving them:

Obakan (purple) from gem summons;
Richard (blue) from TC20
Lianna (green) from TC20
Marjana (red) from TC20
Leonidas (yellow) from TC20

All are now maxed except for Leonidas, because I pulled Malosi literally one day before I got Leo up to 3/70, and decided to reserve the darts for Mal instead.


good call! I would have done the same. Leo is solid, but Malosi’s very fast mana and special make him key against a lot of dangerous heroes!

And that’s a pretty solid set of 5*s. Well, except for poor Obakan.

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Yeah, I can understand why Obi always looks pissed off. I would be too if my creator had given me such an underwhelming special skill.

I mean, he’s not totally useless… just… seems like he should be a 4* hero, not a 5*.

OMG I just broke 120k on an 8* Titan, the board was insanely good and I had Isarnia and Wu specials active the whole time


Dammit! I can’t decide whether to curse you or hug you! :laughing::hugs::beers:

That was freaking awesome!!!

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