Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

Congrats @NotEye.

@sleepyhead and I did the all vanilla/costume challenge for a whole series of emblem trials. I would recommend it, it was super fun and will help you appreciate how certain heroes, such as Proteus, can actually hamper you from learning to use other heroes. My guess is you’ll be surprised how capable you are :+1:

Good luck out there :crossed_fingers:



Guys I’m glad so many people joined this, this just proves that some 4* heroes are just great and " I know people will disagree with me but Boomer with 20 emblems" is as strong as most 5* heroes, mine has a health of 1447 and a defence of 717, I think he’s awesome on field aid wars and leveling a 2nd one, maybe will be a mistake taking 2 of them in the war but he just refuses to die and with Boltusk and Rigard feeding him health plus the aid I certainly will p*** off many people, it’s worth just for the laugh hehe


I hope it’s not too bad if I cross-post just once to the memes thread, but…

RNG was kind to me today, and my Yellow, Green and Purple (and Blue and Red, but mostly the first three!) mono teams held up! (note: my Blue team is as good as the others, but there weren’t many Red tanks that high; my Red team needs work though, as it lacks critical skills such as cleansing…)

I raided up to rank 3 in the Netherlands, and rank 231 globally - with a high of 2796 cups! tried for 2800 then lost, and decided to quit while I was ahead :stuck_out_tongue: Previous high was like 2760 cups.

Alliance name hidden because we’re a private bunch, and don’t want to deal with too many applicants :wink:

Shoutout to the teams that got me there:

image image image image image image image


My best finish ever in Rare challenge event:
Honestly, I probably won’t try as hard next time. <10k still doesn’t get me any fancy AM’s, and the titan flask, while nice, isn’t worth the tradeoff. The tradeoff being that I did almost no grinding of R3 in this event because I was trying to keep my spot. I would have easily held the next tier down with no re-runs based on my initial placement at 3k or so, and I could have had all the exp and feeders that a lot of R3 grinding gives.

Nice to do at least once though, which is why I’m here ridiculous bragging. :slight_smile:

Also more generally, I can tell my roster is getting stronger and deeper as I finished 3k after the first run and easily tied my best placement in all other tiers with no re-runs. Even finished my highest tier in Legendary without re-runs and got the tier with the flasks.


hey nice, that’s a really good finish! I agree though, the time sink doesn’t seem worth it. but hey, you know you can do it!


@sleepyhead @Muchacho @Guvnor

It’s done!! Completed a full rotation of the trials with vanilla heroes and costumes only. (Inspiration post link)

Sweetening the pot was

  • I won every match outright (no replays)
  • Apart from a couple of revive scrolls in one trial, only used 1* battle items mostly minor mana, antidotes, minor health etc.
  • Mostly used 4s and costumes. The maxed 5s I used were Vivica (+costume), Joon, Magni, Elena. And two 3/70 heroes - Isarnia (+costume), Kadilen

Thank you for the inspiration! And following the format of your earlier post, here is the list of my trial posts.

Aug 16 - Trials of Piety (Monk/ Cleric) - Vivica, Joon, C.BoldTusk, Boril, Wu Kong

Aug 19 - Trials of Decimation (Wizard/ Fighter) - Kiril, Magni, 3/70 Isarnia, Elena, Colen

Aug 23 - Trials of Nature (Druid/ Ranger) - C.Rigard, Caedmon, Tiburtus, C. LittleJohn, 3/70 Kadilen

Aug 26 - Trials of Shadows (Sorcerer/ Rogue) - C. Viv, 3/70 C. Isarnia, C. Li Xiu, Scarlett, Sabina

Aug 30 - Trials of Justice (Monk/ Paladin) - C.BoldTusk, C. Tiburtus, Joon, Li Xiu, Sonya

Sep 2 - Trials of Strength (Fighter/ Barbarian) - BoldTusk, Magni, Elena, Grimm, Colen

Sep 6 - Trials of Fortitude (Druid/ Cleric) - Melendor, 3/70 Kadilen, C. Sonya, Boril, Caedmon

Sep 9 - Trials of Mysticism (Wizard/ Sorcerer) - C. Viv, Kiril, Sabina, 3/70 C. Isarnia, 3/60 Skittleskull (unlevelled costume)

Sep 13 - Trials of Serenity (Paladin/ Ranger) - C. Rigard, C. Tiburtus, Cyprian, C. Little John, Sonya

Sep 16 - Trials of Survival (Barbarian/ Rogue) - Grimm, C. Li Xiu, Scarlett, Gormek, Kelile


that is amazing, @Circe ! I’m super impressed, a lot of 3/70 5s here, and with many you only had 4s! even more impressed by the item usage, no heavy-duty battle items here. that’s some great planning and care/skill in playing. well done, well done, and thanks for the shout out too! I bow down to you, super super impressive!


My alliance is facing the first 8* titan ever and one of my first hits is a 109k. I’m just so childishly proud :rofl: It’s my second best result in number, but i consider it my best, since the best hit for now is a 139k on a 7* titan.


“Personal Victories” thread - seems like the best place to share my 2nd year anniversary in this game (which passed this week), instead of creating personal topic :slight_smile:

Where should i start? Let me first underline and bold that i am and have always been 100% F2P in the game, which is probably accomplishment itself with all this daily fighting against whales. Not going to post any motivational and encouraging words this time, like i did in my 1st year anniversary thread. Just going to share a few accomplishments :slight_smile:

I wasn’t much lucky with heroes. I don’t have many 5*s (for 2 years player), certainly not many shiny heroes - no big surprise since i do not spend. But i could definitely be proud of what i have achieved without spending a single cent on this game.

  • Raids - Most important achievement - Global #1 - Twice! Funny thing - both times i did it around my year anniversary :slight_smile:

I raid a lot but definitely not aiming for high ranks. I did it three times and i got it twice (plus one 3rd place). Global top 100 almost everyday for short period (while raiding for filling Hero chest).

  • Tournaments - last week (tournament) ended rank 24, which is my highest :slight_smile:

  • Challenge events - i don’t have the 50-100 (or even more) flask storages per each event or shiny heroes which top competitors use, not to mention unlimited items, but i get to top 1000 Rare and Legendary almost everytime with limits of 15-17 flasks per event. Epic i rarery compete but top 5000 is the minimum i aim (got a few top 500).

  • Alliance and Titans - i have been in a few serious alliances during those 2 years. Not going to mention any names. Normally each next was stronger since i wanted to move on higher challenge. The last i spent 3,5 months in, i was (co)leading and with a lot hard work and dedication (some ups and downs), we managed to move it from top 300 to top 100. Daily 14* titans, average War scores from all wars ~250,8 points, fighting top 200 opponents (occasionally top 100). At the moment up for a new challenge with new alliance.

  • Map, events, special quests - everything is completed.

Could not ask for more. Of course i would appreciate if SG is a little more generous to me in terms of pulls but i have achieved a lot without spending a single cent or having shiny heroes, so i am more than happy with that :slight_smile:


wow! that’s quite a list of accomplishments there!

which heroes do you use in challenge events and in raiding? really curious, do you have some top-secret set of heroes with great synergy? :slight_smile:


Congrats on your 2 years, and achievements! :birthday:


Congrats on your achievements! That is very, very, impressive.

I was coming out to post that I was pretty happy finally finishing a PoV fully to tier 50, and making it into Diamond for the first time - hung around long enough to get the needed wins, but generaly don’t care much about raids, so slipping back.

I’m not completely F2P, as I’ve done share the gems offers in the past, and cheap VIP, but happy enough. I can often hang with the spenders in my alliance on titans.


Yeah, you’ve got me beat for sure. I just passed my own two year anniversary, and the best I can say is that I finally made it to diamond tier and over 4200 TP. :grin:

Still haven’t made it to the 100k titan club. My best titan hit was like 99,600. :man_facepalming:

So close. But as they say, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.


Congrats on everything you have accomplished.

In my defense, I used to be super motivated myself, until I broke my giveadamn. Patched it up with just enough motivation to keep me playing, but not at top tier levels. Awaiting more replacement parts that are currently on backorder.


I finished in the Top 1% of the recently concluded 3* Rush Attack tournament. It’s been a while since I made it there. It’s just sad that I did not get any worthwhile ascension material.

And for once, my efforts in finishing a titan on an A+ rating were compensated with a nice reward. :grinning:


May I post another small personal victory? Haha. I just joined the 100K club for titans, as I made a single 100K+ hit on a 5* blue titan just now. Not really a strong titan, but hey, I’ll take this as a progress in playing the game.


Congrats! Of course you may post that, it is certainly progress regardless of the titan level. I’m about 300 points shy of hitting the 100k club myself… I may never get there. Not with the boards I’ve gotten lately anyway, haven’t gotten anywhere close in ages. But what can you do. I came very close. Very very close. While the illustrious @JonahTheBard was visiting my alliance, no less. He saw it with his own eyes. Not sure if he remembers, but he quoted something like “wow, that was literally one tile away from 100k”.

It was. Literally. One tile away. :sob:

It’s okay though. I’m still making progress in the game, albeit at a snail’s pace. Nothing worth posting about here anymore. I’ll leave this thread open for the rest of you to post your own accomplishments that may not mean much to the top level players, but are accomplishments that each individual has been striving for personally and finally achieved. Because it’s a good feeling when that happens, and I’d like to leave this forum with good feelings. :slightly_smiling_face:


I gave up on joining the 100k club.
One day I got a ridiculously good board, and I finally did it!

I believe you can it do it @TGW!!


I can do it if I get a ridiculously good board on the right titan. Problem is that… I occasionally get a ridiculously good board, but it’s never on the right titan! :man_facepalming:

For reference: I have a maxed Miki in my roster. Just begging for a board full of blue tiles on a red titan.

My alliance rarely ever gets a red titan. When we do, I barely get any blue tiles. :confounded:

Most of my alliance’s titans are yellow.

Others in my group can confirm that. It’s actually a source of constant annoyance for some. To quote one of our newer members: “what is it with you lot always getting yellow titans? I hate yellow titans”

You and me both, friend… you and me both. :man_shrugging:

RNG does not want me to join the 100k club. Just as it does not want me to stay in diamond tier for more than 24 hours.

I have given up fighting RNG. That is one fight I cannot possibly win.

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Just added another small personal victory to my entirely F2P profile :slight_smile:
Not the same feeling as the first couple but still big satisfaction.


Let’s keep the good job going, huh? Past 30 days 3 tries - 3 successes :wink:


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