Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

@sleepyhead @Muchacho @Guvnor

It’s done!! Completed a full rotation of the trials with vanilla heroes and costumes only. (Inspiration post link)

Sweetening the pot was

  • I won every match outright (no replays)
  • Apart from a couple of revive scrolls in one trial, only used 1* battle items mostly minor mana, antidotes, minor health etc.
  • Mostly used 4s and costumes. The maxed 5s I used were Vivica (+costume), Joon, Magni, Elena. And two 3/70 heroes - Isarnia (+costume), Kadilen

Thank you for the inspiration! And following the format of your earlier post, here is the list of my trial posts.

Aug 16 - Trials of Piety (Monk/ Cleric) - Vivica, Joon, C.BoldTusk, Boril, Wu Kong

Aug 19 - Trials of Decimation (Wizard/ Fighter) - Kiril, Magni, 3/70 Isarnia, Elena, Colen

Aug 23 - Trials of Nature (Druid/ Ranger) - C.Rigard, Caedmon, Tiburtus, C. LittleJohn, 3/70 Kadilen

Aug 26 - Trials of Shadows (Sorcerer/ Rogue) - C. Viv, 3/70 C. Isarnia, C. Li Xiu, Scarlett, Sabina

Aug 30 - Trials of Justice (Monk/ Paladin) - C.BoldTusk, C. Tiburtus, Joon, Li Xiu, Sonya

Sep 2 - Trials of Strength (Fighter/ Barbarian) - BoldTusk, Magni, Elena, Grimm, Colen

Sep 6 - Trials of Fortitude (Druid/ Cleric) - Melendor, 3/70 Kadilen, C. Sonya, Boril, Caedmon

Sep 9 - Trials of Mysticism (Wizard/ Sorcerer) - C. Viv, Kiril, Sabina, 3/70 C. Isarnia, 3/60 Skittleskull (unlevelled costume)

Sep 13 - Trials of Serenity (Paladin/ Ranger) - C. Rigard, C. Tiburtus, Cyprian, C. Little John, Sonya

Sep 16 - Trials of Survival (Barbarian/ Rogue) - Grimm, C. Li Xiu, Scarlett, Gormek, Kelile