Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

Recently I got a combo of 26. 26!! I looked at old threads and saw a few had higher combos, but watching that crazy cascade go on and on was a sight to behold!


I just got my own run of 26 straight yesterday.

Of course it was 26 straight summons using Epic Troop Tokens without getting a 4* troop, but still it was very unlikely at (0.9)^26 for roughly a 6.46% chance.

Wanted to clear them out, since they don’t take up roster space, and let me spend food.


Hi guys came across this page the other day but was busy and didn’t have time to publish this, about bragging I think I have the right to do after been attacked 14 times in war and they only killed Vela in my team :slightly_smiling_face: will ad the pictures of the whole war but my streak is on last 3 pictures, it was a field war and my team was, from left to right, Boldtusk, Vela, Rigard, Avelyn and Wu Kong, enjoy guys, would love to hear if anyone has had more hits, thanks Tony


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That’s awesome!

LOL back when I first started my alliance, and we started doing wars… most of us were only about 2500-3500 TP back then… our opponents were usually mostly 3500-4000 or higher.

We had one guy in the alliance whose team was only like 3250.

Every. Single. War. Without fail. Maybe the big guys would take him out once or twice. But then later on the others would go after him. They’d score 5 points, 3 points, 0 points, 0 points, 1 point, 2 points, 0 points, 0 points, etc. This happened at least a dozen wars in a row! Every time, they’d clear out the rest of the board, then waste 10+ flags trying to take him out for a reset. And he wasn’t even our strongest defense! It was hilarious. :laughing:


thanks to @Muchacho for proposing and to @Guvnor for supporting, we 3 (and others) have been doing a vanilla-only (costumes allowed) class quest challenge! hopefully to encourage others (especially FTP) with mostly-vanilla rosters.

Using this post to collect all of them. Was indeed a nice change, and definitely a bit of a challenge for most classes!


  1. Used - Kiril, Sabina, normal Isarnia, normal Skittleskull, normal Sartana
  2. Benched - Proteus x2


  1. Used - Isarnia, costume Caedmon, normal Joon, Kiril, Hu Tao
  2. Benched - Proteus x2, Sir Lancelot


  1. Used: normal Melendor, normal Caedmon, 3/70 Kadilen, costumed Sonya, normal Tiburtus
  2. Benched: Lepus, Seshat, Gregorion, Jack O’Hare, Triton, Gadeirus (wow, I’ve been lucky wiith Rangers!)


  1. Used - costume Boldtusk, costume Tiburtus, Cyprian, normal Joon, normal Li Xiu
  2. Benched - Aegir, Aeron, Valeria, Rana


  1. Used - Marjana, Kelile, Scarlett, costumed Li Xiu, Sabina
  2. Benched - Inari, Margaret, Danzaburo


  1. Used: Costumed Sartana, costumed Joon, Elena, Grimm, Boldtusk
  2. Benched: Sir Lancelot, Malosi 3/70


  1. Used - normal Caedmon, Melendor, Boril and Rigard; costumed Skittleskull
  2. Benched - Lepus, Hansel, Lady Woolerton, Gadeirus


  1. Used - Chao, normal Tiburtus, costumed Tiburtus, costumed Boril, Cyprian
  2. Benched - Seshat, Gregorion, Aegir, Jack O’Hare, Triton


  1. Used - Little John, costumed Li Xiu, Grimm, Marjana, Scarlett
  2. Benched - Inari, Margaret, Malosi, Danzaburo


  1. Used - normal Joon, Li Xiu and Rigard; costumed Boldtusk and Skittleskull
  2. Benched - Valeria, Hansel, Aeron, Rana, Lady Woolerton

I completed the epic event for Pirates of Corellia. My first epic event cleared. I had to buy in twice (75 gems for 1st continue and 100 gems for 2nd continue for a total of 175 gems). I think the completion rewards were worth it since you only get 10 emblems for 175 gems in the shop sometimes. also the gloves which i needed.


Not a question, just chuffed with my score. Admittedly only 14 teams each and we still got hammered!

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Yeah, number of teams means a lot. In a thirty man war teams are only worth about 50 so a perfect war is about 300 points.

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Each team’s total defenses are worth roughly 1500 points each. So in a 1 v. 1 war? Entirely possible to score over 9000. 2 v. 2, a “perfect” (6 one shots) war is only going to be worth 6000 points. In a 3 v. 3, only 3000. Etc. etc.

My alliance is currently doing 9 v. 9s. Our top player (war MVP) has scored over 1000 points in the last two wars. Because he’s just that awesome (won’t mention his name, but he’s a regular poster on the forum). Me? Well I’m happy if I’m over 600ish. Actually, even if I only score 400 myself, I’m happy as long as my alliance wins.

In 30 v. 30 wars? Anything over 100 points is usually a good score. :+1:

It’s not really about personal numbers. All that matters is that your team gets more points than the other team. Doesn’t matter who gets them. Whether it’s 30 teammates getting 100 points each or one guy getting 3000 points. Only real objective is beating the opponent’s total. :wink:


I, on the other hand, am glad to score over 200. :laughing:

If you’re in a 30 member alliance, 200 is a solid score.

Average opponent in a 1 player war is worth 1500 points.
Average opponent in a 30 player war is worth 50 points.

It’s all relative.

Indeed. Which is why I’m glad to score over 200.
Because I usually fall far short of that! :laughing:

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Agree completely, which is why I was so disappointed we lost.

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It happens. I’ve been on both sides of that equation. Wars where a few of my members were at the top of the scoreboard, but we still lost. Other wars where opponent team had several at the top, and we still won. Sometimes it’s the little guys who ultimately make the difference between a win and a loss, which is why I try my best to help them maximize their scores.

My small victory - I finished this month challenge on epic. :+1:
It was hard as hell, I don’t have many 4* heroes maxed, so I had to use what I have:
Boldtusk CB +7
Boril +6
Chao 3/60
Kashrek +4
Li Xiu +5
Most fights lasted about 10 minutes, the last stage I lost, but then I took 10x antidotes, small mana potions, revive scrolls and bomb attacks and I managed to kill all bosses.


I finished Legendary without Proteus for the first time in Pirates.

First time I finished a Legendary it was immediately after pulling and power-leveling Proteus for the event. I’ve leaned on him heavily since, for both Epic and especially Legendary.

I avoided him this time because of the obvious disadvantage, and I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish Legendary, but I managed it with little difficulty. As a result, I am far less afraid of boss specials going off than I was before. I’ll continue to use Proteus when he’s not a disadvantage, but I’ll be much less paranoid, and I may drop him to go for bigger scores like happened this time.


Congrats @NotEye.

@sleepyhead and I did the all vanilla/costume challenge for a whole series of emblem trials. I would recommend it, it was super fun and will help you appreciate how certain heroes, such as Proteus, can actually hamper you from learning to use other heroes. My guess is you’ll be surprised how capable you are :+1:

Good luck out there :crossed_fingers:



Guys I’m glad so many people joined this, this just proves that some 4* heroes are just great and " I know people will disagree with me but Boomer with 20 emblems" is as strong as most 5* heroes, mine has a health of 1447 and a defence of 717, I think he’s awesome on field aid wars and leveling a 2nd one, maybe will be a mistake taking 2 of them in the war but he just refuses to die and with Boltusk and Rigard feeding him health plus the aid I certainly will p*** off many people, it’s worth just for the laugh hehe


I hope it’s not too bad if I cross-post just once to the memes thread, but…

RNG was kind to me today, and my Yellow, Green and Purple (and Blue and Red, but mostly the first three!) mono teams held up! (note: my Blue team is as good as the others, but there weren’t many Red tanks that high; my Red team needs work though, as it lacks critical skills such as cleansing…)

I raided up to rank 3 in the Netherlands, and rank 231 globally - with a high of 2796 cups! tried for 2800 then lost, and decided to quit while I was ahead :stuck_out_tongue: Previous high was like 2760 cups.

Alliance name hidden because we’re a private bunch, and don’t want to deal with too many applicants :wink:

Shoutout to the teams that got me there:

image image image image image image image


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