Small Personal Victories (AKA The Ridiculous Ridiculous Bragging Thread Where Lowbies Like Me Can Brag About Stuff That Upper Level Players Don't Think Is Worth Bragging About)

Yeah so this thread will probably be a non-starter… but I’ll go ahead anyway.

I know this is “small fries” to most of the “big fish” in this forum pond-thingy… but I actually managed to complete all 10 levels in Tavern of Legends. In spite of the fact that my best teams that I saved for the 4k+ levels were all below 4k TP.

Don’t ask me how many battle items I burned in the process (the answer is: far too many) :man_facepalming:

Don’t ask me whether or not it was worth it (my rewards: season one feeder heroes) :man_facepalming:

BUT!!! The important part is? I managed to scrounge up 50 mangy heroes from my impoverished flea bitten team to beat all 10 levels on the first try. Zero gems spent for continuing.

I know, I know. That’s not very impressive. But for a lowly player like me who has yet to pass the 4k TP mark with any rainbow team, and has never managed to get himself up into diamond raid tier? I was pretty damn proud of myself. Do you know how hard it is to try to beat a recommended 4600 TP mission with a 3950 TP team? I do. It ain’t easy, folks. Might be easy for those of you with all your fancy 5* heroes, but it was an uphill battle for me. I’m proud of myself for pulling through.

Please don’t negate the intent of this thread with your “haha I beat legendary challenge events with 3* heroes” type posts… there are already other (Ridiculous Bragging, “I am a god” etc.) threads for that. This thread is specifically for lower powered players who overcame an obstacle that they initially thought was insurmountable for a player at their level.


I thought for the longest time that you needed a maxed or decent 4*/5* hero team to clear season 1. I was stuck at S1 Province 21:4 for the longest time. So after playing that 21-4, i stopped and gave up. Then there was once I had completed my chests and had energy left to attempt 21:4. I decided to do it with my mono blue team (Lepus (2.60) Raffaele (1.23), Nordri (maxed), Gato (maxed), Grimm (3.42)). I’m now at the verge of completing S1. May not be much for others, but I see it as progress in the game and the sigh of relief of finally I can progress in the game. I never thought I could do it with a team that included 2 3*s but glad I am able to! :smiley:



And yes, there is a lot of content that can be completed with even 3* heroes. Usually requires a combination of intense strategy, color stacking, battle items, and praying for good boards, but… it can be done! Personally, I think that’s ultimately the best way to test your real “skills” in this game anyway. It’s not about what you can accomplish with the best heroes… for those of us who aren’t playing with the top percentile rosters, it’s all about what we can accomplish with whatever rubbish heroes RNG has seen fit to “gift” us with.


That’s awesome, @TGW!

That takes a lot of skill in team selection and board manipulation, in a way that breezing through it with limited edition 5* does not.

That is the kind of skill I try to encourage in MB.


Nicely done @TGW! I couldnt complete the ToL last month and could only do up to Stage 6. This time i managed to go til Stage 7! I actually didnt want to bother but I thought I should at least get those coins then I can get 1 pull over two ToLs. :sweat_smile: :rofl:


I will share my recent one, which made me very happy. I finally got a 5* Red hero from TC20! It’s Elena, so it’s even a pretty good one. It’s been months since I’ve had a Red Hero to work on, so many trainers coming my way from places. Now that PoV is giving Green trainers, guess which color hero I now most lack to work on?

We each have our own things. Completing events and trials I’m good at - this message brought to you by Proteus. Raids I suck at.

Some in my alliance think of me as a bigger fish, which is weird. While I’m pretty good on our 6-8* titans, and I am level 62, I am not swimming in the heroes some of my mates have, but I get lumped in with the big guns.


I love this thread. and progress in the game should definitely be celebrated!

Many of my best memories from the game come from milestones like these… like finishing S2 Hard with only lightly-emblemed 4s and a 3/70 5 . Or getting an A for my defense in a 5* Raid Tournament.

So yes, keep celebrating!


I disagree. Wholeheartedly. 100%.

What you’ve achieved is quite remarkable. Also, factoring in the fact that the boss fights in the recent iteration of ToL turned out to be much harder, (That Khiona… I almost lost because I underestimated her…) completing the challenge with below 4000 TP teams is quite commendable. Great job!

Also… where’s the fun in beating a challenge when your team is overpowered. :man_shrugging:t3: (This is my personal opinion…)


Congrats man :trophy: I’ve only made it to 7 so far and ToL was harder this time round too!

My celebration is that, 2 days ago, I ascended my first 5* to their 4th tier! It was Lianna :smile_cat: I got her back in January but I didn’t have enough Tonics for her. In Shrikewood, I won the final Tonic and was able to take her up to 4/1 at last :slight_smile:


The first time I was able to complete the final stage of one of the trials I nearly fell off my chair.

That time I get a reset token and a 3* trainer and it was awesome!

Again, I burned through a months worth of battle items at that time but still!


Your new pic had me temporarily confused.


I’m probably not considered underpowered now but there was a time …

I remember early on in AW when I was rather short of heroes for my last flags. I actually one shot a 3600 TP opponent with a mono 3* team (not even all maxed). I think my TP was a little over 2100. That was awesome, and why I still remember it approaching two years later. Boards were definitely not rigged that day :rofl:.


All credits go to the one and only @TGW :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright, I’ll throw my slightly worn one out there. 2 months ago I was just getting my first solid team of 4* to max, and I got to the point that I had a pretty fierce mono blue team. I threw the dice in AW and took on a 4389 defense with my 3260 mono blue and wrecked them.
Video evidence and reddit brag

Back in May I managed to pull Proteus in AR. I normally color-feed 5 heroes at a time, but after that I decided to power-level Proteus (as much as I could). Since AR just finished I was relatively flush with recruits and packs. I ran a TC2, TC1 and TC11 feeding him everything from all of them and managed to max him in a little more than 4 days. I used him on Grimforest and managed to make it through Legendary for the first time.

Was very excited by both of these at the time, and still excited just thinking back on them. I still have no max 5* (working on 5 now but only 1 in final ascension), and my roster is still very much in the developing stage.


I just beat a 3600+ war defense team with two 5*, two 4* and one maxed out 3*. My team? 3100 team of 4s* and Bane. My 4s are all works in progress.


I want to brag that I manage to get the Diamond wanted chest on a daily basis with my team of S1 4* heroes.

My tank is costumed Kashhrek.
My flanks are costumed Rigard and Li Xiu with costume bonus.
My wings are Gormek (no costume) and Sonya with costume bonus.
All are emblemed between +11 and +13.


Great topic @TGW :+1:

As a F2P player I get you need to celebrate the personal victories of any kind as they come while being extremely petty and resentful to everyone else and teammates :shushing_face:.

This last Grim Forest was the first challenge event I beat all 3 stages on. Legendary had always eluded me previously as requiring too many resources and me having a general lack of intelligence, again, :shushing_face:. I just did the same with Teltoc. Two in a row I am declaring it “not a fluke”.

Keep it up everyone, winning with what you got makes you a better player down the road :+1: ‘cause I can


Last war after we merged, I finished in first place. And that’s with 20 people on each side. Doubt I’m even top ten of the teams in that war…but for once I had a perfect 6 with all kills.


I actually had 6 one shots this war! That has NEVER happened, and I don’t see it happening again too very soon. My teams usually run in the 3900’s so for me…huge!


I count my spending habits over the last 2 months as a small personal victory. I’ve stopped. I’m still tempted by some of the deals but I’ve dug my heels in and decided I don’t want to financially support this company any further.


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