Small mana potion is now available in shop!

If anyone else has missed the offer on small mana potions, it is now available in the shop!

For what its worth:

  1. It’s on a schedule of “Hunters Specials” at 100 mini mana pots for 200 gems

  2. It’s always available on the “battle items” tab of the shop at 1 mini mana pot for 20 gems.

Obviously offer 1 (hunters special) is much better value at 1/10th of the price; but it’s only there for a limited time :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn’t know it was on a schedule. I thought the offer has been out of rotation for a while. My bad!

It was but it was a bug & got fixed.


I didn’t notice that it got fixed. Thank you for clarifying!


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