Small increase to hero cap as reward for monthly events

With the monthly events rewards currently being reworked, I have a suggestion. There should be a 1-2 hero roster size increase as an additional reward for completing the legendary portion of the monthly event.

With the introduction of new heroes, the different tourney rules which find a use for nearly any hero (3* included), as well as the upcoming costumes, it is getting very hard to manage rosters. The cost for new spots is also getting prohibitively expensive (up to 200 gems per increase now).

I am level 48, and the additional +2 spots every few levels is not sufficient to keep up with the heroes needed. Allowing an extra 12-24 slots over the course of a year as a reward would help out a lot.

Yes it would. but no it wouldn’t. and well you already can.

It’s true hero roster is way behind and not enough however…
The game needs money to run this is how these types of games make their money with micro transactions put it like this you see a game for 100 bucks your not going to buy it small 5 bucks here and there, across the year you’ll probs spend double that

As for diamonds there are plenty of free diamonds about to expand your roster so I don’t see a reason for them to do anything about it
I mean look at new buildings how longs that going to take? to fully roll out a year maybe 2? Takes 10 day for the last lvl on storage alone

Not to be shooting the idea down it’s a valid point, I think the game atm has too much going on in terms of specials

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