Small Giants soft-launches Puzzle Combat


With Richard, Elena and laya in the cover art


Say WHAT?!
It has to be a joke…


Badly written article - what the heck is Puzzle & Dragons?

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It’s another game in the match 3/RPG genre that’s done extremely well, apparently.

Further Info

Thanks @zephyr1 - not anything I would play. (P.S. maybe you should remove those links. SG doesn’t like other games shown on the forum. :wink:) And as for this new SG game - I don’t like the look of it at all…


Hmm, I’d like to think this wouldn’t be counted under the spamming rule, given the context, but I’ll obscure them a bit.

Me either.

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I just wanted to mention it… I have seen SG remove links to other games in the past…

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Me neither.

I’m scratching my head at this one. Who is it aimed at?

With the investment (time, and maybe money) in this game it doesn’t seem like something many existing EPers would want to pick up. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it would be attractive to the people that have time and energy for alts. But then it’s too similar to be different, and at the same time losing much of the charm of the original. I just don’t get it.


It’s E&P in a new dress for younger people, since it’s less epic and addresses the first person shooter generation.

Due to not being much different, it’ll hopefully not harm the development of our favorite game here.

I’m hoping the best for it and for SG/Zynga. I’ll definitely not going to play the new one, but if it’ll help to improve ours and/or at least will make E&P live longer, so what.


I wonder if this is why we’ve been getting the server dropouts over the past few weeks? :thinking:


Probably about one and a half million E&P players will use more resources than the test server setup for the new one.


Did zynga buy this game or small giant . If Zynga bought the game only it’s probably SG way of continuing in the market


Pretty sure Zynga bought Small Giant, not the game.


Well looking at game graphics … seems poor . Looks like aimed at a younger demographic


Doesn’t appeal to me in the least :frowning:


E & P has spoiled us for most other games :rofl:


Thanks for sharing @tiffatron , very interesting

Makes me feel a bit silly actually for some reason.

Like I’ve been duped into liking a particular formula (that is behind E and P) , that isn’t particularly special and can be watered down into other formats.

Anyone else feel the same? :joy:


That’s all games tho


True to an extent, but on the mobile format there is something about how it can be easily duplicated that makes the feeling worse lol.

It’s different to say, a cop out cheapskate game that tries to copy an existing successful franchise on a console.

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i’ve looked into the game 5 stars have another ascension tier and weapons go all the way to 5 stars, so even more grind to do than on E&P no thank you