Small giant wants classic hero opinions for upgrades

As per small giant’s request for classic hero buffs. Richard is the absolute worst. He’s almost useless and his costume is weaker than the original. Hands down, stripped his emblems never use him… you want players opinions for the upcoming classic heroes reboot, should be a rebuild…

Richard? I fed his 3.70 version away… No costume… But there seem like many other options as the worst from season 1. Isarnia’s costume is worse than the original ditto for slow snipers like khagan…

If talking about original season 1 legendaries, I think just between Richard and Thorne, most preferred Richard. So I never thought of Richard as the absolute worst.


Yeah. Sesson 1 heroes suck spheres. I know SG is planning to put another set of costume on them. Terrible idea imo

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Richard is quite OK for defense - at least on levels where you don’t face LBd and emblemed new heroes.
I don’t see any really bad heroes in S1, their only problem IMO is the power creep. If they would get +10% to their stats and speed boosted by one step they will be maybe not top, but good and fully usable.

The only problem is, this improvement SG gives is paywalled…


Most of S1 heroes were not usable right after been given costumes. They’re quoting Richard, but tell me of Quintus, Justice, Thorne, Dawa, Carver, Prisca, Wu Kong, Cyprian, Skittleskull: they’ve always been third choices (about 5*, any HotM would have been better).

There are several S1 legendary heroes (original version, no costume) I’d rank below Richard.

Quintus and Thorne are, in my opinion, the most useless in the current meta as they only deal damage and nothing else. Azlar’s fire damage doesn’t hurt as much as it used to back in '18. Justice and Horghall are pretty useless except for Mana Rush (in which they were pretty strong back in the early days). I’d say that Obakan and Domitia are also slightly weaker than Richie.

He isn’t great, especially compared to almost all heroes released since 2020,but he neither is the worst.

Even with the second costume…. When we tested them in Beta only a couple would be considered really useful in todays game.
One of them was Quintus in costume version 2.
But the majority of feedback in Beta was that the 2nd costumes were a bad idea and the revamped Costume Chamber was dire ….

I heard about Quintus #2. That special would make him #1 in rush attacks. I wish they would just buff season 1 and or give them a family bonus

They supposedly are giving them a family bonus sometime…just who knows when and it hasn’t come out to beta for testing yet.

small giant’s has requested classic hero to buff? Where did they announced it? Didn’t read a word about it. Could you share a link to this post @WistoffTate