Small Giant please slow down

That would be rather bad RNG. Hopefully there’s at least a Gullinbursti or Mireweave to make it sting a little less.

it is pure business to them. i’m a schmuck that will spend a little for new heros but i am getting over it. it’s just getting ridiculous. i almost don’t want to use asc mats on heros in case new ones come out. i have had killhare at 3/70 since march cuz i’m always curious when the newest heros will come out. gotten lepiota, moreau, and xnolphod… maybe killhare will be next, probably not though

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It’s not even “pure business” it’s just killing the top-level play right now. People are just dropping like flies and retiring right and left it’s crazy.

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Just imagine the climate when SG finally releases a “temporary max mana” hero, like a Hiemdall but for mana.

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Oooh that’s a great idea! Let them only use the 100% of charge when firing and hold on to any excess gained for the next charge after, like if tiles charge them to 150% then they fire and still keep 50%

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I know what you mean, but I feel like both Ninja and Magic Heroes technically do that already?

This would make me curious how the game would do their special skills then if they decided to release heroes that allowed you to use your special twice within a turn.

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I was thinking of them when I posted that, so I used Hiemdall as a better example. A hero who’s special does not upgrade, but bank. Although I can’t really imagine how it’d work for defense. Imagine a tank getting cascaded to all hell then getting like 5 special uses lol.
Edit- I really do see SG releasing something like this, and shocked they haven’t already.

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Oh god, they’d make the cascading tiles worse. Just tryna get my specials going but the enemy team manages to somehow wipe out my team twice over without any effort. My experience with Diamond arena already sucks. This would just make me put feeders as my raid team and hope it knocks me back to Bronze Arena.

But I could see them doing this over literally anything else. Despite the possibility of getting more heroes like Aouda, whose special skill deals more damage for enemies with boosted max HP.



Perfectly sums up the average E&P experience for Q2- Q3.

İ disagree with you. İ think you want to collect all the heroes and with this game speed you realized you cannot and now you are complaining. New heroes bring color to game. İ hope it will continue with this speed. İ remember when i face GTV heroes in all teams and i consumed my meat because of rerolling. İt was really boring that time to see same heroes in all teams. Now new heroes are coming and i face with different heroes every day.

İf no New heroes in the game, beginners will newer have chance to compete old players, this is not fare.

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I appreciate hearing from your perspective. However, I hope the following doesn’t come across as harsh:

This game is 4+ years old. It is not possible for beginners to have a chance to compete against old players. Old players including myself have played the game for years.

Any new player who starts playing today is more behind than ever. There is no “catch-up” mechanism in the game.


Lol there is. It’s called money. They can spend their way till they catch up.

Remembered reading a post about someone levelling their rainbow mana defence troops from zero to 30 from scratch and fast. They spent a lot to get there.

Not as fun as grinding one’s way up patiently but possible.



Okay, there is no affordable “catch-up” mechanism in the game.

A new player starting out today can only catch up with $$$$, and only against players who have reduced/stopped spending.

Have I missed something? :wink:


Spot on there. It’s a double edged sword. Works good but kills the fun factor.

Player won’t understand us when we moan about ham shortages while levelling troops. :rofl::joy:


Even after they blow enough dough
To pay your mortgage for a year

The shelf-life is still decreased from what it was 2 years ago. They will notice!

And the sensible new players
Are seeing a monstrous paywall that was imperceptible to us when we began

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Yes, the drastically shortened shelf life for too many heroes is absolutely ridiculous IMHO.

Tbh, this month is a real low point for me. I have “only” six HOTMs in total:

  • The costumes for Seshat and Alby have been released.
  • Malicna and Frosth’s small mana gain has been considerably nerfed.
    (I have left Reuben at 3.70, and Chakko seems unlikely to be nerfed. :rofl:)

Oh, and I managed to get Vanda last year. As you’d know, she, Francine, and Frank all have costumes. Heroes which were released only one year ago. :rofl:

Anyway, I think the sensible new players will enjoy the game as c2p or a moderate spender. :wink:

PS Glad to see to you back on the forum, just wish the game situation was much better.


İ think i couldn’t explain myself, my bad. When i meant new players should compete olders, i didn’t mean newbies will beat them all the time. At least newbies can have a proper team and with luck of RNG they will have a chance.

İf someone just starts game today, the chance to catch any good hotm is almost zero (so far i catch no 5* hero from tavern). İ even have plenty missing S1 5* heroes. But with Almur i have a good green team; with Sergei i have a good purple team. Maybe i can beat No.1 player at one of my 3 flags.

With new events and heroes, everyone will have new strategies.

while troops are the only thing you can really max in this game (besides Rare and below heroes) without getting walled by materials, you still need the heroes to be able to make good use of those troops. can only ascend so high with maxed but unemblemed Banes, Dawas, Isshtaks, Vlads, Jacks, etc. you can’t farm emblems, and you can’t farm the 3* and 4* ascension materials to be able to get Epics and Legendaries to max.

never mind getting aethers for all these speed-buying-spree toys.

Sure there is!



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