Small Giant please slow down

As a spender I actually do receive fun in return from the game. So thanks for your approval :laughing:


As long as an individual is spending and receiving fun in return its completely fine for them to spend their money anywhere they receive joy😇


Think the only fun ill get from the game is seeing the end of it.


Not very uplifting… what about the people what about the friendly bets things like that??

I’ll meet them in the next game :rofl:

:joy: thanks for cheering me up this morning

You just reminded me of Neil from The Young Ones. Which will mean nothing if you’ve not seen it. But made me chuckle.


:rofl: Mate what a classic you get a bownie point for that. Love the young ones might even hav the box set videos still in the loft :joy:.

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Apart from players that love spending on this game or just playing the game.

This games has cause alot of players to bring out the worst in them with daily vent thread. About how bad it is and unfair, unbalanced, pushing events for more cash grabs, power creeps its clear they are trapping players especially the weak and it can’t be good for them and the mental health. So seeing the end will fill me with joy because least it will free the ones that are trapped witch is most.

Gambling addiction is a bad thing.


My mental health actually gets better writing and reading about how bad the latest “developments” has been. I find it hilarious and not so serious. I wouldn’t write occasionally and read if it was not fun.

Yesterday I read about new ninja heroes and burst out laughing for a minut after I read the description of first new ninja.

I still like the game and see lots of potential (wasted).


I dont call it game anymore it is just very greedy money bragging applications…

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Oh, it’s definitely a game. It’s just one where the people spending money are also getting played.


Once they release Mammon, Demon of Greed, you’ll know this game has come to an end. He will be the end boss of end bosses and a fitting end to it all. :wink:


That is call Sarcasm!

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Mammon, Demon of Greed


  • Does 100% damage to all enemies. Does an additional 25% damage for every 100 dollars your account has spent in the game. Does an additional 50% damage for every 100 gems you have spent in the game*** (see, this way even FTP can do tons of damage ifi they grind hard enough!). There is no maximum for the damage this special can do.

  • Summons a Gem minion for each ally with 10% health and 10% attack inherited from the caster

  • Gem minion adds 1 Gem to your account for every additional 2 minutes that the battle lasts. If you lose the battle, -50000 gems will be deducted from your account.


Don’t give them ideas! :scream:


Still better than Salmon Loki


Salmon Loki is a rainbow salmon, right? Just wait until we get 5 different costumes for Salmon Loki, one in each element!

@Aeryn it’s my way of coping, seeing if I can be more absurd than some of the decisions that have been made lately :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have about 80 summons to try and get Alfrike this next S3…been saving for about 5 months.

Getting Salmon Loki feels almost inevitable :joy:


Good luck with the 80 summons. Let us know how you get on

Here’s my guess

Salmon Loki
77 chaff

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