Small Giant please slow down

Zynga’s financial situation isnt good, they lost about 20% of their stock market’s value this year
About Empire, active players are decreasing like crazy, they lost over 1 millions active players on 2021, thats huge, even if we dont know what’s the part of p2w among them

So SG is releasing everything they have like crazy, they just want to get as much money as possible from still active players before more and more players leaving this game


I stopped caring about their specials weeks ago. I just hammer them with tiles and pray to little baby RNGsus they die before I have to find out what their specials actually do. :smiley:


They are so dumb. Instead of “offers” they should really offer some thing. A 5* hero for every 20 or 30 pulls. Or be able to change heros for mats ou other heroes.

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Enough of us know this. That’s why we are astounded by their closed mindset.

If they just pamper us for the next 3 months at least, listen to us, they can still retain some fence-sitters and probably get enough to spend a wee bit more.

The revenue from volume can be very sizeable yah. If 500,000 players spend just uS$10 more per month (and this is definitely achievable), that’s us$5m in the bank yah.

So all they have to do is RESPECT and VALUE their players. This they have not done since this game became an epic blockbuster in 2019. Look where it got them.

It’s a shame really.


Sorry, this made me laugh. :rofl:


Problem is either this crazy pace and overall game quality: most of new heroes are just not fun to play, events look quite the same (besides playing for you alliance, this last one is nothing different from usual).

Looking backwards, there used to be big stars of the game (do I have to quote past reputation and appeal of Guinevere, Panther or Lianna?) that were part of its fascination. Right now nobody’s even becoming a legend, there’s no gossiping, not a ‘face’ for the game, nobody to actually chase and target in pulls.
Furthermore, lots of new heroes have dull specials (either type of shot and animation), they’re just effective due to stats (so won’t last longer than a month). Since S3, the sole fun heroes are to me the guys from Tower of Magic, all others are pretty forgettable. It’s a game, you play for fun and want graphics, otherwise it’s just algorithms on damage.

To me, it was funnier when Vivica and Richard were on teams, there’s not really any new content in what I see lately. I mean, if this is about to become both boring and overwhelming, for the first time I’m really starting to see some ending for my app.


As a ftp player I don’t see what the fuss is about. Players only need 36 heroes fo war so who cares if more options are made available. You can only use a limited number and a basic set of season 1 heroes supplemented by a few heroes gained with free tokens is plenty enough. the only issue with new introductions is that you have a wider range of potential opponents to get to know.
I’d like a better consistent quality of art. That’s my only gripe.


Have a look out there…Plenty care!

  • Competitive players
  • Most spenders, them with foresight anyway
  • Anyone worried about fresh blood sticking around
  • Anyone tired of watching old friends become weary of the grind
  • Even some loafers care!

Not too many game loafers in the forum but… a few do run into the paywall and come here to this tarpit for a thrashing

A learning curve is all you could muster?

The pace has been commented on by lots of solid contributors.

This is a good egg!

Staff doesn’t care. And I certainly am not blaming them!! :money_mouth_face::+1:
But the pace of paywall upgrades and lack of QoL attention is getting more difficult to defend.
It really is gross…

And yes… there are so-called spies…
It’s no secret

But @Gerg is definitely not one.
Anyone working for SG would have more depth than just… a learning curve


You know you can be pretty insulting. Between your wars perhaps you can come and visit me at alliance UK Celts which would give you opportunity to apologise.

Rebock (other sporting goods manufacturers are available) last year manufactured more types of trainers than I could buy. It diddn’t bother me. My shoe rack only has space for 36 pairs and I’d already picked up 36 pairs for free.

I compete as competitively as I competitively can. So other people spend more money than you. Boo hoo hoo. Everyone either spends the same as me or a lot more.

So you think I’m a spy huh. Bit of a funny approach I’m taking don’t you think, advocating that people don’t spend?!!?


And many who is playing this game already lost interest playing but they just want to play for the money they spend in past…Thats it


I don’t spend money on gems to pull heroes, so that’s not an issue for me. I like the new heroes because it gives me a chance to pull something other than the heroes I already have. It’s a bummer to save up the gems and have to burn duplicates. Some I have 4 of and that’s after burning some. I had hoped we could reroll 4*, but alas we can only do that with 5* and I have hardly any of those.

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Guilty as charged :disappointed:

That’s the horizon for ALL spenders!
It can be difficult to see the horizon when your driving 190 kmph.

I believe this was part of @Simon1977’s warning yesterday: here…

Before his thread got derailed into something else…


And I keep spending not wanting to be left behind considering the vast investment(wasted money) that I have sunk into this game. Go read up on the two new heroes that are in beta and it will make you realize they don’t care about creating a good game at this point, they only care about getting as much money in their hands before the whole game of cards comes crashing down.


Fiend meta

Rumors from Beta say new heroes will help with both minions AND fiends

Per usual for SGG, I expect a shift to a new meta - minions plus fiends ( anti minions ) - with NEW heroes

But not giving fiend meta abilities to Classic heroes, or already released heroes

So if you want to deal with fiends( and the new meta ), you will need to get new 5* heroes and more 4* ascension items


New Beta threads seem to confirm. So far, six new heroes… all five-star. Go big (:moneybag: ) or go home. There are no consolation prize three- and four-star heroes anymore.


It’s funny, I’d previously started a thread on SGG’s denial of the game favouring payment but players rationalised the SGG approach.

It was having written a stinking review.

When SGG announce heroes in forums they give loads of links about not spending or only paying for things that will make you happy.

The simple fact is that SGG can choose to introduce as much or as little as they like and players can choose whether or not to buy. It’s freedom of choice.


I’m with you…

The bulk of my time here has been devoted towards balance.

Which always pits you against someone

I showed a team that can do 9,500 damage in a single turn…! And the very first response was:

He then went on to compare a different team that didn’t do half that damage…before it got fixed! Which was also before he retorted

LB will be tier’d. Just mull that over…

Balance is:

And debating that is a great exercise for turning your face blue


thats stupid, should just sell their account and get some money back
its not too late because there is still a good market for EP accounts selling but i guess it will become harder and harder to find new buyers willing to pay a lot for an account

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If you want to buy, fine - but I think it can also work out great not to.

On one level E&P is “Pay 2 Win” and yet, unless you happen to be in one of the very top alliances, it isn’t so much “Pay 4 Wins”. Matches are made for alliance wars and in regard to which titans to face with consideration of the alliances history of battling other alliances/titans to date. In general you will always beat the same number of titans. Game tactics remain the same.

Sure, if you don’t have some heroes you may face a bit more challenge in certain events. Just remember you can always pick your opponents for raids and cup drop whenever you like. I’m settling for platinum tier with my squad still fielding one 4* and that’s currently fine for me. I typically clear up in 6 clean hits and a couple or three goes in the tournament and race through the chests. It all works out.

If a fellow alliance member buys heroes, great. They aren’t my competition. I still typically get into the A tier for titan loot etc. because I’m a good player. If other alliance members buy stuff then that just means we’ll do better in shared contests like wars where we all win. Happy days.


And of course, the summon rates and Hero Academy retrain rates remain the same, so…

The grind continues. Or the spend, for some


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