Small Giant please slow down

I guess hope has died eh??


“What sorcerery is this then” :joy:

Hope dies last 20 chars

Very much resigned to the fact that things in this game will never slow down …

I am now finding it difficult to keep up with all these new heroes and new stuff lol …


after the last two Q&As, I’m resigned to the same fact too :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t need them to slow down, just need them to increase drop rate of legendaries.


It’s crazy how many new heroes there are now.

I don’t know why they can’t slow down.

Surely SG must be sick and tired of all this new stuff

As I’m raiding today I’ve seen lots of banners from top alliances calling on SG to slow down


Zynga/SGG wants to have a healthy monthly revenue stream. Portals generate the highest revenue, given the low odds, and absence of a pity counter.

New heroes will drive the ultra competitive to stay ahead of the curve => they will spend and spend to stay on top.

Only way to force Zynga/SGG to slow down is a concerted effort to stop spending game-wide, akin to a protest. To which they can retaliate by shutting down their servers.

It’s up to each player to decide for themselves. No right. No wrong.


Yes I knew this already. It’s a sad lose-lose situation.

Thing is the big spenders are leaving, leaving fast, it’s clear as day to see.

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Enough must be filling the “spending ranks” to fill the “spending gap” left behind.

Revenue is not dropping drastically. It’s holding more or less steady.

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Perhaps, I’ll leave it there. I do miss the older days.

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Perhaps the thought should be: Should I slow down ?

Zynga/SGG will race to provide content if players want content, and push for fresh content. That was the situation in 2020 before pace picked up in 2021, and sped up even more in 2022.

If players fall off the grid, Zynga/SGG will try to fill up the player ranks by recruiting via ads, good ratings etc.
Newer players will find the older content interesting, and their spending will help to keep the Zynga/SGG money train chugging happily along.


Yes perhaps I should, I started playing in 2018 and preferred the older style to the way it is now.

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. Thanks for your replies, catch you later :+1:t2:


Please, Small Giant, stop adding content so fast. This game is getting frustrating!!!


New heros are great but if you can’t ascend them it doesn’t matter. Yes there are more options to buy mats but py for pulls pay for mats its all a bit much really. I’ve played since 2019 and recently been a little drained by it all. I’ve always been a on the edge of cheap to pay to play but have dropped to very cheap possibly free soon to play. Just not feeling alot of it lately have a ton of 5s 4s, 3s stacked and just feel drained trying to level emblem and LB heroes plus whatever next bump they add.
Just tired I guess


So what do you think they’ll do to this SG forum? Will it get a new name, etc?

I’ve been playing since 2018 & spent an absurd amount of cash (over $3.500).
In the past year i dropped my spending habits & now only purchase the PoV deals ($10).

The reason why is, it will always be shinier & stronger heroes than what i have.
My current collection cannot even compete against those overpowered new ones.

On the end of the day, those gotcha gimmicks will only drain my wallet for a few barely powerful heroes (if I’m lucky enough!) until a shinier one get released & makes my bunch of heroes look like spaghetti noodles :spaghetti:

Bottom line is, this game feels disappointing & not rewarding enough to a point of pushing people away from it.


As long as the game exists, this Forum should exist.


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5 years playing. No more gem pulls, why bother. Too many new heros with crappy odds. Just buy POV.

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