Small Giant please slow down

I do note that there doesn’t appear to be very much new stuff in the latest beta. (I don’t have beta, but I read the beta-beat.) There are obviously changes to NT and a few new heroes, but no new quest type or hero levelling change etc. This feels like the first time there will be a relatively minor update in quite a while.

3 costumes for Christmas legendary heroes (double-selling)
1 completely new legendary hero for Christmas
3 new legendary Ninjas (with already 5 in the portal… chance to pull is 1%, so chance to pull specific becomes 0.125%…)
2 new heroes from an event unknown

So 9 new legendaries just from this single beta. Add few yet unreleased HotMs and S4 heroes and costumes for ToL… Sir, there are dozens of legendary heroes coming our way in a matter of weeks. If that “doesn’t appear to be very much” then I don’t know what is :man_shrugging: And majority is in old portals, that many players have otherwise given up on not to risk getting duplicates… So it’s not only a ridiculous 1% to get a hero, but now you need to be lucky that if you do, you don’t end up pulling the one you already have…


No worries, I appreciate your civil reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you care to tell me what you consider a “proper team” for the new players? It sounds like a fully levelled up 4* team, based on your example of Sergei and Almur.

And if I read you correctly, you don’t mean the brand new players (I guess up to six-ish months playing), you mean newer players (maybe starting six months to one year+)?

And on beating the #1 global player in raids, I am a long term player (getting closer to four years playing :exploding_head:), it is possible that I’d have trouble beating him/her with my vc2p roster. Just to share my perspective. :wink:

Here’s the math. I always said top 100 alliances. That’s 3000 players assuming full alliances.

That top 100 isn’t constant and many alliances in that range cycle in and out so I threw out 10,000 as a reasonable amount of players who are in that pool vying for top 100 alliance ranking.

It’s pretty clear that paticular less than 1% of the overall player base makes up the better portion of the voices in this forum.

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Here I am :laughing: but i do agree. Most stay silent.

New player is around 1 year, learned stacking colors and heroes’ special usages can make a proper team, with max emblems and limit breaks.

İn my first year with only 1 5* hero, i was able to stay in top 100 (maybe seconds :slight_smile: ). I’m playing more than 2 years and i have an average team. But for an example, i have no chance to catch Ariel, however i got D’andre (lost son of Ariel). İf no circus event came as you wish, i couldn’t have chance to have healer with mana booster effect. Also i have costume Kashhrek (Heimdall made in PRC). Without spending money i had chance to have a good healer.

After summoning 50 and not able to get even hotm, i stopped spending. More than one year I’m f2p player.

These new events and heroes will be chance for everyone to enrich the bench.

Let me see if I understand that:

The majority voice of this forum is 5 things:

  1. Less than 1% of the population

  2. At the same time…is also mostly top 1% of the population

  3. Believes that SG should slow down

  4. Is in disagreement with you

  5. And because of 1 and 2 is therefore wrong.

Is that right? I’m probably still confused but… that quote felt like traveling through a wormhole

By the way, I have reservations about 1 & 2. But I also don’t have data. Just read here a lot! Too much… and I think I hear as many, if not more F2P / C2P than big spenders. Who have to keep up with the Jones’s. The small spenders, consequently… also are saying SG should slow down as I read through this thread. This is interesting don’t you agree?


The two of you are making my head hurt. :laughing: I think the game should slow down a little bit in between events. And I also think the two of you need to go to your separate corners and eat a Snickers. :crazy_face: :popcorn: :beer:


I am totally happy with the pace of new content, i wish though that some of those events would be more flexible in terms of time. Why do i need to use 10 energy every day during Towerevents?

As a longtime player i remember times where we only had a monthly event, not even alliance wars.
So titans and 1 event per month+ occasional rare quests. You were able to do every possible thing within ~1h a day.

Now we have 1-2 events a week, wars, tournements. Lots of different heroes. So you can choose what you want to prioritize and if you have enough time you can do it all.

Invested time and money should reward you with an advantage, so i am totally fine if there are players who invest more of both then i do. There is no need to chase it all in order to have fun and have a competition.


About this topic: neither I am against the release of new events and heroes.

I really wouldn’t care about their release speed if players would have fair chances at getting not-subpar heroes.

For this reason I think that improvements to training buildings and balancing older heroes are needed… so I think that Small Giant shouldn’t decrease their event release speed but it should also improve already released heroes even if they wouldn’t make them gain anything other than happier costumers and a better game.

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So now you are more happy to fight even more powerfull heros with same situation…just to avoid one problem you wanna focus on another problem so previous one looks small, Sounds weired!

I completely agree…Even a lot amount of players are complaining same thing over different platforms, but sg be like mehh who cares we want money we are beggars

So now you are happy to fight even more and more op heros with ur dandre and kashhrek… See im not denying ur valuable opinion but the pace is too much sometime players cant even fully level up a hero and the other op hero they bring on table…

I think it’s interesting how those with excess time also have the money. You can farm boards all day long and spend $10k a month. Good for you.

It’s another thing to kick back and claim you don’t care because you only play half the events and only have a couple of the heroes and are looovin’ it…
Good for you.

Next year EVERYONE’s roster gets to feel the pinch. And people don’t care :man_shrugging:t2:

Costumes are really my only complaint.
Balance updates used to help prevent rosters from deteriorating against the
:v:Pace :v:
Balance Updates were a smart business decision for customers that give money
Costumers that give TIME
Which… is everyone!

You don’t care that your Inari has finally got a buff coming, because you have more money than you know what to do with or…you just won’t pay for her buff.
Good for you.

Bad for the population!
You’ll see

Not great for gameplay either.
They paywall is marching into lower ranks. Spenders don’t feel it. After enough costumes come out…
They will!

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  • Great job cracking top 100 in your first yearof playing! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
  • I’m playing almost four years, and I think I have an average/possibly below average team, if you’re looking at number of 5* that are at least 4.80, in comparison to long term players, especially if they are competitive, and spend money.
  • Congrats on your D’Andre! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada:
  • I’m a bit puzzled. Where did I give off the impression that I wish Starfall Circus didn’t exist?
    To be clear, I am more in favour that they released Villans/Circus/Slayer challenge events. One of the issues for me, is that they are releasing too many heroes too fast. I just much prefer that they slow down the new events, and new heroes.
    I get that there are some players who enjoy the current pace.

For me, I strongly dislike the recent uncertainty of upcoming events schedule, because I like to plan ahead. I also don’t like to see players who were looking forward to Pirates/Wonderland, only for it to be replaced at the last minute with a newer challenge event…

I hope that this clears up my position for you. Once again, I appreciate your civil replies to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please stick with the original topic & themes therein on this thread.


Well, some have cited having to pay for tower levels as a main reason for quitting the game (f2p and c2p). Cray mentioned this as a main reason for quitting when she left a few days ago, which is why I listed it here. There was a few other reasons as well. And the pressure of all these items combined seems to be a main part of why some are retiring as I have been told by people quitting in the last 2 weeks.


Honestly, i don’t care :slight_smile:
İf i see many OP heroes in one team, then i just reroll; you can also try, it is easy :smiley:

Variety is good, everyone can find something for himself. İmage a shop sells same stuff all year long, you will not go to shop there, but if new stuff comes you will go to check and may find something for you.
Every event gives a chance for new heroes.

There is another view, there are more than million accounts in the game, so you will always have same scale opponents for you. So please don’t desperate.


Then U did not understand point… Im not against releasing new heros, but look at the pace everyday everyweek they relrasing some 4,5 nee heros including lot of nre events quest tournament etc etc that pace making even boating


If the shop sells what you like you come back.
I’ve been buying chocolate from the same shop for 30+ years.