Small Giant please slow down

Right now, at the rate that SG is releasing heroes, the meta will never solidify. Every 4 weeks a brand new set of 5* will be released, each more powerful than the last. To be honest, all the previews is just completely deflating to me rather than getting me excited. It makes me look at what’s coming, what I currently have, and kills any desire to continue pulling. Imagine pulling a top-tier hero now only to discover in a few weeks/months time that they are now obsolete.


I get the arguments about the increased speed of power creep. However this statement really makes me scratch my head. How does a new super hard to get hero with perhaps stats and/or one apsect of their special or passive that is superior to the hero you just pulled make them obsolete? Your hero’s stats and specials haven’t changed! You can still use them in the same way that you intended - unless perhaps you wanted to use them in defense and the defense meta has shifted slightly.

I use Delilah in every war and she is reliable and helps me to get the wins. Despite the fact that Director Z (?) has come out and gotten a buff that makes her significantly better than Delilah… this has not made Delilah (a 2+ year old hero) obsolete in any way. UNLESS you happen to have both, and have such a deep roster of heroes that you will never use Delilah again… but then you are in such a strong position that you really shouldn’t be complaining.

Can you name any recent (say last 6 months or so) that have been released that have now become obsolete due to newer heroes?

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Ohhh pick me. Pick me… The answer is salmon loki :laughing: :popcorn: :beer:


@Mistress_of_Shadows beat me too it

I think 6 months is a stretch for now…

Costume chamber came out less than 2 years ago, and C.Magni ran the leaderboards until Morel came 1.5 years later, and is still swamping us.

C. Magni isn’t exactly… obsolete. That word is a bit like hot garbage. But if I had Morel with 50+ fully leveled 5*, then yeah, that’s a 100% decrease in relevance time from Joon’s (and other S1) run up to last year.

And this thread is all about…

The Pace!

In another year at this pace. I wonder if 6 months before obsolescence takes hold is not an accurate prediction.

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Ah let me qualify that… a hero that has been made obsolete by other heroes, that wasn’t already obsolete when released …


Yeah sure, now you factor in poison, sand, frost damage. While we’re at it, why not include victor/Lady Locke/Morgan DOT to make a point
You only get 9500 damage because you started with that damage and your entire arguement was about those two heroes from the beginning.

if you’re seeing 9500 damage dealt by a 5 team El, that’s probably a joke match anyways. Don’t take it too seriously, it was meant to be funny.

And if you truly want an El balance, he got a -40% drop in his elemental link boost…happy?

@Homaclese , look at what your love for El has done…you created a monster!

Haha… Elradir for El presidente! It was worth it to see the Elradir topic be revived with hundreds of comments after he wasn’t even HOTM any more… but yes this particular monster may never die.

This game is pure business now. And I recently had the reaction that if it were a business Inwas walking into ignoring it’s customer base so wholly, I would have long since stopped supporting that business with my money. So that’s what I did here :grin:
Seriously, just read the responses to the q&a a few months ago to see there’s only care for making money, not making the game fun and inclusive.

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No hero will ever be obsolete unless one desides it to be, and that was really an overstatement by OP. But I strongly support everything he said before that sentence. Why pulling now if you expect that 6 month from now, there will be a whole new set of crazy powerful heros? Wouldn’t that be a completely irrational decision? :slight_smile:

For the same price/odds you could get something way better than today, assuming they continue with hyper production of legendary heros. :slight_smile:


My Margaret became obsolete when I received Kadilen’s costume :disappointed:

I miss Margaret… but it’s hard to justify bringing her along

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Essentially what you all are saying is that you only want to play with the very best-in-class hero. A best-in-class hero that is pulled now may not be best-in-class in 6 months time, but it will still be a VERY GOOD hero compared to 95% of the hero base. And will bring you variety and enjoyment in playing, and will likely add to your overall success. So I don’t buy into this at all - if I like a hero now I would be extatic to get them and to level them up and use them. Regardless of what comes down the line. I feel confident enough in my own abilities to know I will still be competitive, and my experience will be enhanced.

I got Ferrant and Wren and yellow food 3* guy from knights. Thrilled with all. Ferrant has an interesting mana control mechanic that i am keen to experiment with. Wren is my daughters name so I will have an emotional attachment to him. And 3* food guy is there on my rare, epic and legendary events as I don’t have Miki or Tarlak, and he is easier to charge than Sergei. He will also make my purple titan team.

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What’s with the 95% of the hero base? Or bottom 50% with this rate of new releases? While I will never say they are obsolete if you don’t have anything better, you definitely fall behind. Unless you keep the pace, more or less. Unless you grab some of the newest toys to refresh your roster. I think that’s the essence of this thread: pls slow down, there’s significant part of player base that can’t keep up, even if they would like to.


Margaret is great now, especially when 2019 hotm bonus is around the corner


Let them burn their money to get nothing much in return…One day they will realize the wastage of money for nothing

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As a spender I actually do receive fun in return from the game. So thanks for your approval :laughing:


As long as an individual is spending and receiving fun in return its completely fine for them to spend their money anywhere they receive joy😇


Think the only fun ill get from the game is seeing the end of it.


Not very uplifting… what about the people what about the friendly bets things like that??

I’ll meet them in the next game :rofl:

:joy: thanks for cheering me up this morning

You just reminded me of Neil from The Young Ones. Which will mean nothing if you’ve not seen it. But made me chuckle.


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