Small Giant please slow down

**SG its kind request slow down the pace of releasing so many new events,introducing new heros,new challenges in very short period **

Im not against it but atleast slow down the pace so players can enjoy new heros for some period and then move on to next…

Idea of releasing new heros & events are enthusiastic and fun to play let them run for couple of months so new & old players play adapt & enjoy new things and new Idea’s just like some other games
But from couple of months SG releasing so many new heros,events & challenges in very short period…
Why so hurry??? What’s intension behind it??
Why the whole scenario looks like only pure buisness??

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I wish I could give you more than one like :slight_smile:
I too would prefer a bit of a slowdown. I can’t even keep track of the new heroes in ONE event, let alone… how many have we had already this year…

I know some people enjoy the fast pace, good for them. it’s a bit too much for me though, and I have a good memory!

Every time a new event gets released, I think, ah, another five 5*s I will probably never get :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank u for appreciation on my post :innocent:
Everyone of us like to enjoy things, and the game is not the only thing in our life SG needs to understand


They don’t care about your experience, or your enjoyment of the game. Money is the only driving factor. Greed is a self feeding monster. They will grab every cent they can before the game dies. Can you blame them… probably not, 99.9% of people would do the same in their position.


Sad to see the game dying slowly and people moving towards other games coz of greedy developers


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Absolutely no problem…

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I know I’m in the minority but I’m fine with the current pace. I definitely feel very bored in the game on the days without an event to do and just farming and titan.


i just sense that sg prioritize for newbie whales as old timer whales reduce spending summoning new heroes…


SGG just wants more and more money per month till they receive their 3rd and final payment from Zynga in Q1 2022.

This final payment is based on multiples of EBITDA. The higher the revenue earned over the relevant period (1-3-2021 to 28-2-2021 ?), the higher the EBITDA.

Once SGG has collected this 3rd payment, they will start releasing costumes for older events plus S2, S3 and more HOTM in 2022. Revenue from these sources will not be as high as revenue from new events with brand new heroes.

At the rate that jaded/upset players are exiting this game, compounded with month on month drop in new downloads, this game will be left with a significantly smaller player population, who may or may not spend enough to generate the minimum budgeted monthly revenue in 2022.

Let’s see whether zynga, who will own the game 100% by then, will pull the plug or let this game just drag on with a small maintenance crew assigned to it, till it’s natural death.



It sounds like that…

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In the Q&A SG made it pretty clear the have a specific business plan for the game and are not interested in deviating from it.

This seems to be Zynga’s long term business plan: buy a company with a successful game, milk it fast for every drop of cash, use the cash to buy another company with a successful game. Rinse and repeat.

No more Zynga games or any gacha games for me.


I used to be able to tell you exactly what each hero could do. Special, health, etc. Now, I can’t even keep up with everything.


What really happening right now is the old players who already spent a lot cant quite coz of their huge spendings in game so now they turning free to play or cheap to play coz they are not willing to spend anymore… And the newbies who dont know its a trap keep on spending so basically once start this ull more get into…


So basically they are runing/destroying their competition and moving on to some other project to do the same…

Target a company buy their shares Earn as much money as possible in short period from the top company ruin them and once tgey know all work is done move on to next target…
In this process they can shutt down one company remove competition and target the next one…:hushed:


I don’t get the sense they have a nefarious plot to destroy their competition. I think they are more like locusts, devouring everything immediately in front of them with no real thought to the direction of mobile gaming as a whole :woman_shrugging:


“Sad to see the game dying slowly and people moving towards other games coz of greedy developers”

With all the ads in the game, I will check some of the games and look at 1 star ratings. Most of them are based on how much money can be milked out of consumers. They center on gambling addiction.

My biggest problem is the time creep. 75 levels in a few days. Are you kidding. I would prefer they lasted 7 days or longer so it isn’t rushed.

Activity in a popular line group has significantly dropped. A pretty good indicator of people leaving.


Yeah SG hav made the game impossible to enjoy now and they probably know this and can’t wait to get rid once they finally got the last payment sorted.

They must surely see the amount of players all types hav lost the love for it.

Shame greed got to them. And all there doing is dragging there name in the dirt. Defo won’t be playing any other mobile games developed by SG that’s for sure.


The intention is $ more events more deals more heros more spending… saturation of the market fish are gonna bite


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