Small Giant: If we would get more 4* ascension items, than more people would buy more gems and would summon more

All the Chests gave Lesser ascension items than in the past. The rare chest gave in the past epic tokens and 50 gems and 4* items. But since months they give only 30 gems and Silver tokens. Titans gave mostly 3* ascensions. And the titan chest is a joke. I dont understand small giants Business.
If they would give more 4* ascensions to the people, than These people would buy gems and summon more.
For example if i would have so many telescopes, i would Buy gems and try to get aegir. But i have no telescopes. My richard is waiting 3/70 my isarnia is waiting 3/70 my Second alasie is 2/60.
Sorry for my Bad englisch, hope you understand, what i ment.
I didnt understand Why we do Not get 4* items enough. They would earn more Money, because everybody would summon more often than.


but but but they already do sell AM from offers time to time ? you want them to lose money ?

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I think they would earn more money, when people would have enough ascenion materials

I get 2 or 3 tomes a yr and have to buy them what a joke

Welcome to the fourm, Is tomes available in event quests?
What titans your alliance facing, mystic visions brings out stuff. Other chests war titan are they filled often.

I have to admit, I get more hopeful for a 4* mat from Mystic Vision than I do any chests, titans, rare titans…anywhere. I know its random, but I have had weeks of opening multiple bonus chests from pulls, opening a rare chest, killing a rare titan and get nothin only to have a 4* mat pop up after a stupid advertisement.


Same for me! Ads give me more 4*


Last year I got 4 times more 4* AMs from Mystic Vision than I did from Elemental Chests. Got to the point where with building the Advanced Buildings I actually got disappointed to receive an Elemental Chest as they give out no hams or irons to put towards their construction as I knew I wouldn’t be getting any mats from it.

However now that I’m working to max my last two Advanced Buildings I won’t be as bothered by it until SH24 and SH25 are released around 2025…


Epic :slight_smile: so smooth and satire thumbs up from me lol

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Truth be told I was concerned I’d been too subtle with 2025 and that the first reply would be along the lines of someone taking the year seriously and asking where I got it from…

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If we all get more 4* ascension mat’s the game would loose a lot of his charm. Now you have to think twice which hero to level to final ascension. Same would happen if hero trading is allowed. Then everybody gets most of the good heroes and the game loses even more attraction --> game dies…
SG accumulates millions of $$$ because they know - even less is more.

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I play for one year, maxed 10 5* heroes so far and have mats for 2 more in line. I think this is a development pace I am okay with.

I was sometimes frustrated as well, especially with lack of tomes but that is rng and it evened out in time. Dont miss out on any rare quest, rare titans and events, rebuy chests to get the elemental ones more often and it drops with a sufficient pace.

Also I started to note down when i get 4* rare mats from rng since last month (so I have an objective view later this year on how much the droprate is for an active player. I suggest you start doing the same and then you can check with others if you have a similar droprate or simply not lucky with rng).

January 18 Mysterious Tonic Elemental chest
January 26 Tome of Tactics War completion
January 30 Farsight Telescope Rare titan
February 2 Damascus Blade Titan

I don’t get why people keep pulling when they have a boat load of people to level.
Ok sure you want these 5* 4* heros but the mats drop when then they do!
Buy all the heros you want levelling them is a different story!
Then your stuck with all theses heros stuck at certain level and then have the problem on who to level next! :woman_shrugging:

Call it 70,000 gems to get a 5*. So if they gave away 7 level 80 mats customers would spend 10,000 gems per mat to get the corresponding heroes, if can’t accept vanilla ones? If you believe this, people spending $10 to get 1000 gems and a mat are getting sucked in. Maybe they are.

Thanks @TheAcmeSalesRep it depends on where the big spender is in the game. If they’ve at the point where they’re happy with the HOTM and one of the featured Atlantis and a couple other 5* in the Atlantis draw, they’ll pay 10k to 14k. If it’s a month where HOTM isn’t good enough for the big spender to ascend and they can only ascend one event hero, then it’s 130,000. They can also do a costume summon if they think a featured Lianna or Joon is good enough, in which case they pay a lot depending n what else might be good enough.

I’d prefer to have as many 5 stars as possible then I can decide who’s best to give the AMs rather than give them to Horghall then pull Lianna the next day. A bird in the hand…

Yeah I totally get that, I still pull where I got some much ice and nature as lack other colours but realistically I can’t level all of them for along time.
If people chucking so much money to get heros and flasks your going to get stuck as the mat drop rate doesn’t go in there favour. Hence as I said buy all the heros you want, levelling them is another story. This is a reason why people get frustrated.

Greater chance for 4* mats would be nice for the simple fact of more variety. When one knows they may not see precious mats for a very long time, one with options isn’t going to level any other hero but the strongest of the strong, which only saturates the field with the same ole, same ole.

People are still gonna use the powerful heroes, and likely to level duplicates of these heroes. However, people will also level heroes they never would dream of doing when they’ve other options. I’d level groot, shark boy, grimble, and any other hero that would never see mats for as rare as they come.

The chase and grind does make it satisfying, when obtained. However, there’s a point when it’s excessive and I feel we’re there.

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Well, the reason they restrict 4th ascension items is for you to play longer. A lot of people who played over 2 years have lots of 4th ascension items to spare. It’s just that you want to lvl up the heroes NOW rather than later.

That’s not remotely accurate. In the Atlantis summon, even at 350 coins per summon, it is less than 9300 coins per 5* on average.

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