Small Giant email

Anyone have a working email to contact SG? I have tried using both the one they provided in the Google playstore, as well as the one on there page, but neither seems to work.

Send in a ticket to CS



@JoshuaCass I second @BlackZed’s advice.

I sent them an email once, and I don’t seem to have ever gotten a reply back (I checked my Junk folder too).

Thanks, but I know how to contact support via the in game function, which I have used several times. I am looking for a working email for the company. The one they provided when responding to my rating in the playstore, isnt working for whatever reason.

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I already have, with no response.

They are not known for promptness. Give them some time.

Game buddy shared recently that SGG EP CS team finally responded to his 1* rating and scathing review in Google playstore that he posted in June 2020 (immediately post Tell/Vela nerf)

Their response, dated July 2021 (yes, 1 year later) was the usual automated blah blah blah.

He didn’t bother to reply. We had a nice long laugh about the entire situation.

So I wouldn’t bother to even get upset if they don’t answer you promptly.

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Better late than never, even that late.

Still havent been given a working email.