Small Giant Coronavirus Gift (THANKS!) - Staff Response post#22 -> WE flask & bonus Rare Quest

Thanks Small Giant for providing the extra challenge and role energy flask. Great idea!

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Will there be a repeat of the Shiloh Desert challenge event at the end of March?

I don’t believe so. I’m pretty sure they are picking up with Morlovia but around the same dates Shiloh would’ve been. Understand, though, that Shiloh Desert is not a Challenge Event but is considered a Rare Quest.

I believe there is a topic on this already somewhere. I’ll try to find it.

Probably starting with this post going down in this topic…


Interesting! I would love to do Shiloh again.

They’ll likely just cycle to the next rare quest, I doubt they’d do Shiloh twice in a month. Someone may be able to ascend a hero then…lol


Thank you SG! Thoughtful gesture and I very much appreciated it!


Playing SG is a good way to stay at home. But I hope that they will find a way to stop or to fight the effects of Covid asap.
I am working in the Business Contingency Management and what we are expecting for the next 4 month for many countries and people is really hard.

So I wish everyone the best in this bad times and try to support the sociery by staying at home if possible.


@Petri we will have rare tasks more often? was it only once? I don’t know how to count on the next …

Thank you @Math4lyfe, I came back before I ran out today too :wink:…and I’m out


Request for SG regarding the corona pandemic

A new fact or even a challenge for all of us as players or a company … we all enjoying this game … but now time changed our spending ability is at the lowest now … business are hurt badly , people with no jobs anymore , 75% of the world inder forced quarantine ,staying at home with family ads more expenses, allot of bills and no income… and this will not end soon . I think you are a great company with great business minds and im not going to specify how you can help us the players at this time ( adding more events , incresing drop rates of items and heroes ) something like that … i love this game and think i will keep spending but at this time cant spend mre than 10$ per month … thx again for your concerns , best wishes and our prayers for the world to survive this disaster.


Should the game put on a big event these days that we’re confined to please please thanks!

However there are a lot of essential personnel like nurses, doctors, police, supermarket employees and their suppliers, sanitation workers, etc, etc,… who have to work through this pandemic… Why should they miss out?! :thinking:.


Some people (Healthcare heroes) are also on the front lines with no spare time to play.

They did give a free world energy flask and push a faster rare quest already.


There already was a rare quest.
I got darts from it.


Praying for the safety of all essential people. And I thank each and every one of them with all of my heart for their service and sacrifices. Blessings and peace all. Sorry off topic.


I am impress with the respectful decision the SG team did, giving us Shiloh and that’s all. Unlike SOME other E&P ripoff game (who I shall not name) took this chance to reopen their event quest, knowing people will buy their gem packs. Shameless decision

People are losing their jobs, no saving, no food.

I think SG should have a discount at least by haft during this difficult time


Discount on what? The game is already free to download and free to play. Spending is entirely optional.


Closing this thread as:

  1. There has been the gift given
  2. It’s been inactive for a while
  3. There is a new Covid-19 initiative that SGG is joining in on in the #playaparttogether

Read more on point 3 here:


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