Small fish seeking bigger fish

6 adult experienced player lvl 21,49,50,51,52 & 64 from Norway and Romania looking to join a bigger english speaking alliance.

Must have 0 flag policy in war and a high tolerance of Trump jokes

Tell us why we should join u here or drop by in game at “Smellz like team spirit” or drop me a msg on line, ID Rabbababb

UPDATE: Bigger fish found, thanks for all the invites :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @Captain_Morgan!

I would defintely include a screenshot of your alliance, and some additional information, such as what titan level you seek.

Good luck with your search!

Hey Captain I sent you a PM on Line.

Please check out the Phoenix Empire Family. We currently have openings in Beer Bro’s Phoenix and The Donut Factory.

We have a huge support network and availability to try gameplay at all levels.

Cheers, MD.

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Please check out Mystic Meadows. We are international players too.

Message me at saberofempires

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In tandem with Mystics, Misfit Toys is her sister alliance, chasing slightly bigger titans (only slightly there). :grin:

My line ID is chibipotato16 ^^

We are international, English speaking, casually competitive, etc. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Check out Lucy’s Kitchen. Contact pinballkeefer. Your group of 6 will fit right in to make 30/30.

Off topic but I love your alliance posters @Rook and @Ice_Saber. :smile:


Unfortunately I’m late for the invitation. I’m glad you found what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Glad you found what you were looking for. This thread will now be closed. :slight_smile: