Small bug when special reaches max


Just a small bug here… When a special achieves max level through training, the text is green. But if you achieve it through ascension, it is white. Just a small thing I noticed that might be nice to have fixed :slight_smile:


Is it possible your skill was maxed before ascension? The text is white when your special skill has already been maxed. When you first achieve it, it is green as a kind of ‘hey look at this!’ sorta thing, but any further leveling after that (with skill at 8) it is always white, including during ascensions.


I’m 100% sure because I was looking for it this time to make sure. I know that it’s normally white after you’ve reached it but supposed to be green when you reach max for the first time. That’s why it’s a bug :wink:


Bumping this because I really want to see this fixed in the next update :stuck_out_tongue:


I can verify this bug. It happened to me today.
I ascended Gobbler from second to third tier. His special went from 7 to 8, but the text saying that the special had reached maximum was displayed in white, not green.


Any chance that this bug can be fixed for the next update too, @Petri?


Thank you for the report, we’ll look into fixing this visual issue here!


I recorded proof of this bug today:


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