Small alliance wants to grow

We are active
We play daily
We defeat easily 4* titans
We win often in the wars
Our chat is in English but our players are intercontinental

We want to grow and need more players so we can defeat stronger titans

U wanna join? Search for Cornerstone alliance :slight_smile:

I have an offer for you, because you are 3, join our alliance. You’ll feel like home, just try. :wink:
ButterflyMetamorphosis is the name of ours and have few spots still available.

What happened? This morning there were 10 of you?

Hi Sternman,

we had the impression that there are so many alliances recruiting, that it would take a long time to find new members. So we decided to do it the other way around and six of us joined another alliance. We hope the others will follow too.

If you’re interested, we joined Real fighters

Understandable, there are a lot out there recruiting. We are more than the three open spaces but best of luck with the new home.

Thank you. Best of luck for you too!

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