Slowly creating a complete database of Empires & Puzzles



Hi guys. Just wanted to let you know that I am slowly creating a complete database of the game on my website. You can check out my progress here, if you’d like.

I would suggest checking the above link in a web browser - as the website is still not fully optimized for a cellphone. If you are using a cell phone, just scroll towards the bottom for the actual content (like Heroes listing, Items and so on…)

I was wondering if, at all possible, I could get access to the sprites used in the game - as it would speed things up dramatically. I am currently doing everything by myself, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, feel free to remove this topic, if you find it to be in violation of the forum rules. I am not trying to steal members to my own website, just wanted to let you know of the existence of another (hopefully) helpful database.

Also, if anyone have any ideas on how to improve on the content, I would be all ears. Thanks. :+1:


There are fan websites and spam websites. Yours falls in the second category.

Also, while I don’t know what SG’s policy is, copying the game images to your website is copyright infringement.


I totally agree with kahree. Maybe the moderator should consider removing the post. I went and checked out the site and it’s a sham


I’m sorry you feel that way, but if the moderators feel like this is a violation, I invite them to do what they feel is best. That is also why I tagged Petri in the original post.

As I said, I do not want to steal any people or do any harm to this community or the game itself. I am simply creating another tool for the players to use.


@Vigerp I found the data on the bottom portion of the website. Here’s some suggestions:

  1. You might want to divide—or at least show—the stars and colors of the Heroes, Troops, Enemies?

  2. It would be helpful on the Items link, Increased Chance to indicate the levels of those, er, levels :grin:

  3. some additional ascension materials that can be farmed are Chainmail shirts, Scabbards, Tall Boots. What will you say for the items that cannot be farmed (Sturdy Shield, Warm Cape, etc?)


Thanks for the feedback, Rook. :grin:


Oh, you are probably viewing it on a cell phone. It breaks the page weirdly. I am still working on how to best showcase it on a cell phone. This is how it looks in a web browser, with the different sections highlighted:


To try to answer your points.

I have tried to show that in the elemental listing of the Heroes, as well as the Troops.

Do you mean to point out which Provinces gives the best chances of gaining certain items? If that is the case, each Item listing will show the Province they first appear in, as well as a link to where they have an increased chance of showing up.

The idea is that each Loot item will have its own dedicated page detailing all aspects of said item. For these unique items, the page would reflect which Quest, Titan or other task you would need to fulfill in order to gain them, with a link to that particular task. From there you would get more information on that task.

Hope that gave you some better idea of my vision.


Regarding #2, I meant this:

The “Increased Chance” on this page gives the names, but not numbers, of the levels. I meant to change it to “Western Windermeer (Province 5)” or similar

Thanks for the reply. I look forward to your website taking shape. @Petri will have to determine if you can borrow sprites, etc.


I mean he did put Petri as the first thing…if he was going spam site I wouldn’t think that a wise move :slight_smile:


Yep, I’m on a cellphone. If there is a way to put all the links at top for cellphones, it might forestall accusations that you aren’t making something useful. :wink:


I see your point, and I will look into it. It was a nightmare to code the first time around - so I just left it when everything finally worked. :laughing:


No offense, however when l opened the link, what l found was a “market place” type thing. Am l navigating the site incorrectly?


The website features information for over 1400 video games from my own personal collection, so there are more than just Empires & Puzzles. I also added a “Have It” and “Want It” function for each game, as I though it would be fun to see how many people own the same games I do - or to see which ones they wished they had.

Is that what you mean?


sleeperZ96BT, he’s committing copyright infringement and he knows it. After a time he’ll probably add a lot of ads on the website. If at that time SG will have a problem with that, he’ll be able to say SG provided permission (in the past), so it’s not infringement.

I think he’s hoping Petri is a noob in these things.


Yeah, l got you were just trying to promote your site to buy and sell stuff etc…
Anyway, l went back and went through All the menu items and I was able to see the E&P items.
I noticed that you do not list Khagan and Domitia in the hero roster. Would be nice to add the heroes from the Challenge Events too :wink:


From the Terms of Service:

I’m waiting for the Devs to weigh in; I’m just a fellow player here. :wink:


My hope is to list every Hero. However, I still haven’t unlocked any of the special Heroes myself. Still working on it. :wink:

I would also like to hear what the Devs feel about this whole thing, Rook.


…because he copied that from another fan website that also doesn’t list them.

Maybe from here?

Hey, look, that’s a database with no ads!

Edit: oh, sorry, I said “another fan website”. I meant “a fan website”.


The Devs are perfectly capable of weighing in without poking a fellow player.

And, from experience, I have had to fill in info from other players when I didn’t have all the pieces (speaking of making lists etc).

Let’s not be so quick to determine the Dev’s position; surely they can speak for themselves. :wink:


Rook: Oh, but I wasn’t speaking for the devs at all (or even hoping for the devs to read what I wrote). I was just trying to make the players aware of a few things.

Whether SG says “we love the new website” or “it’s not acceptable” is the same to me.


Vigerp said he didn’t find Khagan and Domitia where he found the others, “in the actual game” because they are “special heroes”.