Slower Titans?

Is it my impression or have the titan attacks gotten slower? Ok, theynalways took their sweet time with specials, but recently I noticed it gives a pause for normal attack. A pause one cannot match tiles!


I have not noticed a pause, other than the SLOWER specials. I think they make them slower to make it harder to kill bigger titans. The MONSTER teams using tons of items will still score great but NORMAL teams will now score less.
I will keep a eye on here and if many others say yes they also see a pause I will move this tread over to the BUGS AND ISSUES for you. If you would like???


Yes, please. Difficult to discover it on my own. AlthoughnI am fairlynsure that if they got slwr, it is not a bug :slight_smile:

Are you using any heroes that have minions or heal over time? You can’t do anything while those effects are displayed.

Personally, I don’t notice a difference. Their slow specials frustrated me before and frustrate me still.

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No minions, it is more like the titan is thinking, who do I strike now, lol

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A while ago they introduced a discernible pause AFTER a titan strikes. I used to be able to move a tile immediately after the titan hit, now I have to pause for a beat then move the tile. I thought it was in my head, but others reported the same thing before I could mention it to anyone…Can’t say I have noticed a pause before it hits…


That depends, because I noticed a discernible difference with the Frost Giant and the green crystal titan (the former moving slower than the later), but those are the only two that seem to have a delay after their normal attacks. With 14* titans, the Chaos Spider, Fireblade Giant and Armored Hydra all attack normally.

Noticed it with 11* and 12*

Would it be possible that the PAUSE your talking about is the 2 to 3 seconds pause the titans animation takes to complete it’s strike?

I know this can be and is annoying especially towards the last few seconds when you more often than not get an amazing board but can’t use tiles through the animation of the titans hit and then time elapses and all you can do is watch those last 8 seconds dindle away to nothing. The more often your titan gains mana the more time is lost overall.

I have to beat this using heros like Peters or Miki with 100% mana potions, even on weak colours as they silence the titan which has made a world of difference to my titan scores by almost double.

But yes tiles themselves are slower at times but not sure yet if it’s a device or network problem yet as it only sometimes happens and these can cause slowness within the game (thus battles).

Good Luck


Slightly off topic, but has anyone compiled data on animation speeds of both titan attacks and hero special skill animations? I’ve suspected for a while now that these factors may play a large part in overall titan score variations.

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100% they do… I have never compiled data on it but did a count during play and still do now and then and have come across titans (8 and 9 star) where I have lost around 20 seconds due to waiting for the titans shots to complete before I can continue play and 1 3rd of that is that pause at the end of his shot that can take up to 3 to 4 seconds at times on some of these titans.

If they would allow us to use tiles between the animation and reduce the animation transparency, it would make a world of difference.
Techically a shot takes but one second and the rest is all special effects and SG is using those special affects to slow us down.

Oh and having said that lets not forget our own heroes animations but at least we can still use tiles through those which removes the need to make those being an issue.


Since @Ozy1 covered everything I was here to say. I always thought, why does the Titan even need animations? How about a quick minion “schwhip” and done?
Which also raises the question, why can we move tiles through our heroes animations (can make 2 matches before Musashi or Wilbur finish) but not the titans? It’s a conspiracy!!! The Titan union is likely lobbying hard to increase the animation delay and probably using the Hunters Lodge battle items as reasoning!! Have they ever used any of those items?? It certainly doesn’t appear they have!!! OBJECTION YOUR HONOR!!! OBJECTION!!!


I think it’s all because they agreed to investigate a certain American politician.

Just a favor …

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I noticed it too, maybe a week or so. Just a slight one but enough to notice. Just that briefest of nothingness and then the attack.

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But does this happen to you on every titan or just the Frost Giant?

Totally agree, it is frustrating that even when using mats, that my attack scores have gone down appreciably over all colours and especially purple. Stacks seem to have been severely nerfed.

EDIT: have taken to using a 3,1,1; 3 strong colour and Brienne + Valen. BT may seem a better choice than Valen but I have yet to see it happen.

About a year ago, after an update, the tiles stayed greyed out for a few milliseconds longer than they used to after the enemy turn. Enough for me to notice. Now I occasionally make the wrong “accidental” combo because I’m moving faster than the game is.

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Actually after tonight, it is the frost giant with the noticable delay. Wanted to make sure before I replied. Still has a pause and then his special goes off. It is very close to taking the time of 2 for each one.

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I just saw the pause, clearly, with an alt, in a 5* Gorgon Queen. And it was before its normal hit, not a special

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Are there any workaround for this ? Our recent titans 8* seems to have 2-3 sec spl skill delay . The more # bar loaded more time is wasted … only option seems to be using timestop . Any alternative ideas to overcome ?