Slowed mana collection when opponent minions on the field?

This is just a ‘gut feeling’, but maybe somebody can comment on this.

I think my heroes load mana slower when the opponent has minions on the field.
Is this a feature, a bug or just hallucination (LOL) ?

Thanks for any comments.

You get double mana from every tile that misses opponents. So, it’s a feature. :]

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear.

  1. I hit an opponent
  2. I hit an opponent when minions are on the field
  3. I miss an opponent

I had the impression that facing minions is slowing mana:

  1. 100% mana
  2. 100-x% mana
  3. 200% mana

WR - Kat

No, Mana generation is normal. Only hits and misses affect your Mana. Ghost tiles are double, hits are single, misses are zero. Tile per full charge varies from 6 to 14 hits.