Slowed mana build ups

All my heroes have slowed down mana build up since this morning. My fully leveled Kageburado, with fully leveled Isarnia and Sumitomo (3 family members so +6% mana regen) in team, took 5/ 6 tiles to charge. Messed up my war attacks big time and is no fun in new pirate event either. Anyone else noticed same?

What level troops were you using, can you provide a screenshot of your team along with their troops? :slight_smile:

Hey PirateKing :slight_smile: Screenshot supplied x All heroes took ages to regen with def teams getting off 3 or 4 specials while I struggled to get 1.

Used Kageburado as best example, all my heroes and teams have struggled to pop specials in the last few hours:(

Family bonus is 4% with 3, not 6%. But either way, Kage should take 6 tiles to charge, or 3 ghosted tiles.

Okay, so according to the following chart if you want to charge a very fast mana hero with 5 tiles, you would need +30% mana regen. But for your Kage, you used level 12 mana troop which gives +9% and family bonus of +4%, totals to +13% mana regen speed. This means he will still require 6 tiles (or 3 ghosted tiles) to charge, unless you are hit by an opponent’s sorcerers delay talent. :slight_smile:

Thanks muchly guys x That makes me feel better about Kage, still not sure how other teams are getting off 3 specials without even 1 of mine poppin but maybe just a bad mornin xx

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