Slow moving tiles

Anyone else notice the tiles are moving slower? I have noticed with my titan hits that they seem to be moving slower so I’m getting a lower score than normal. Thanks


They moving as slow as always. Hate it. I’m not old, make the board play faster SG, please.

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My ally had the same feeling after the last update, so you are not alone :wink:

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Every time there’s a new version, my tiles get slower and slower. I had to put the game on my tiny phone last time so I could actually play. Trying to hit a titan was an absolute joke, and is getting that way again already – and I’m talking just between Halloween and Christmas.

And I’m not going to buy a new device every time this happens, so I can guess where this’ll go. Sigh.

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I just logged in to make the same observation :disappointed: My team normally hits a 4* titan at the very least for 32000… I just hit twice for 18000 and then 16000… the tiles are extremely slow :sob::sob:

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I’ve already spent way too much on this game because I love it – I really hope it doesn’t keep getting more and more impossible to play!!

I understand completely. I have too :disappointed:

I am still feeling my team has been neutralized. I am not impressed. Why let someone suffer yrs of being beat up… then when they finally have built themselves an awesome titan team you render them useless… SG I really hate you right now :confused::confused:

So I brought a new phone… didn’t change a thing :confused: tiles are still slow and hero’s are still neutered :cry::cry:

Dammit. I thought it was my phone; I’m having trouble getting it to recognise my movements, and I thought I was being clumsy or my screen was going…

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I am sorry :confused: a new issue with the newest update is anything I comment on alliance chat when I leave the game and come back there are no comments from me :thinking: my hubby in the same alliance and same phone who hasn’t updated yet is NOT having that problem :disappointed: so new phones don’t solve any problems unfortunately :upside_down_face:

Eyeater, at least on Android, there’s an update to the update, released yesterday (?). I installed it, and our alliance’s chat seems to have come back. I hope that’s the case tomorrow…

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We can only hope lol :blush::blush:

Wooohooooo my chat is back online and ALL my msgs are there!! Now I just look like a lunatic with sporadic chat issues :joy::joy::joy: Oh well at least it’s up and running :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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