Slow Mana heroes matched with fast

I’m not sure if I’m right but I seem to have this problem with kunchen. Up until recently I tried matching him with fast hitters. During the time he was not seeming to get purple tiles. I wouldn’t mention it but lots of raids, war battles, and levels in ten months since he was picked up. I switched his team to guardian owl atamos kunchen khagan isarnia all of which are slow and I see purple on the boards. Bug me till no tomorrow that with Chao kelile or other fast hitters no purples to fire off kunchen. Was used to saying it must be bad boards but the switch has him firing regular healing and the slow heroes with him don’t seem to drop.

Did you collect data? How many tiles in which combination?

Just something I noticed. Kunchen with fast heroes like marjana and elkanen kelile Chao seem like it took a lot to find purple the exact team sets were elkanen Frida kunchen Joon marjana and Chao kelile kunchen Wu Kong Sonya. Switched to guardian owl atamos kunchen khagan isarnia on one profile. The other team with Frida and elkanen I still use. That’s both teams with a 4* Mana boost troop on kunchen. Counting tiles wasn’t something I had time to do per level or raid or war battle just seems like fast heroes means more tiles and slow meant less.

Sorry I put Wu and Chao green was caedmon I sometimes switched for Titan hits on yellow hero

These were the teams I noticed the Mana tiles. The teams with the fast heroes seemed to keep having trouble getting purple tiles for kunchen. The team with the slow heroes had an easier time getting more purple.

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