Slow Heroes on Defense

I know that some people dislike playing slow heroes at all but having Kunchen and Alberich, I feel like I need to. Until recently, my only red options have been Khagan, Grazul and Boldtusk+18 and I’ve been running:
Alberich - Khagan - Kunchen - Leonidas - Alasie

My mana troops are all between levels 13-16 so with Khagan’s mana boost, Slow heroes reach the 9.5 tile threshold. I just maxed Marjana so will probably replace Khagan but is it worth using Khagan to speed up and increase survivability for Alberich and Kunchen?

My top heroes:
Purple: Kunchen, Sartana, Victor (3/70), Proteus+18, C. Rigard
Yellow: Leonidas, Ranvir, Vivica (3/70), Neith (3/70), Justice (3/70)
Blue: Alasie, Isarnia, Grimm+18, Thorne (3/70)
Green: Alberich (4/80), Alberich (3/70), Evelyn (4/80), Evelyn (3/70), Horghall (3/70), C. Melendor, Telluria (2/22)
Red: Khagan, Marjana, Grazul, Boldtusk+18, Elena (2/43), Jean François (1/34)
With the exception of red, I have materials to level one 5* from 3/70. I have 5 Mystic Rings so hope to have enough by the time I level Elena or JF to 3/70.


  1. Should I be running Alberich / Kunchen or is that sacrificing too much direct damage? I really want to play Alberich but don’t feel like I have much else in tanking options other than Vivica. Would Vivica / Sartana be better than Kunchen / Leonidas?
  2. Should I replace Khagan with Marjana in my current set up? If so, should I also swap sides with Leonidas so she fires after Kunchen? Will JF end up a better option?
  3. Will Alberich / Telluria be viable or too vulnerable to red stacks?
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1: Your team is a not full of damage threats, true, but Vivica is a significant step down from Kunchen as a tank, so I recommend sticking with him and Alberich. Costume Viv is another story, especially since Sartana is a bit of an improvement from Leo.

2: I don’t think Marjana taking Khagan’s place will move the needle for you. She is absolutely better in a vacuum, but between Kunchen and Alberich’s heals and revives Kunchen is in his best situation to succeed, and his mana boost actually stacks with Alberlich’s. Marjana doesn’t do enough flat damage for my taste, and her burn is easy to block of dispel before it does much more damage. Khagan’s solid flat damage to three is probably going to bring more to the table.

3: Telluria is really strong, but if you don’t have a blue who will punish red stacks I don’t think it is worth doubling down on greens, especially when you are coming from Kunchen.

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I’d say it’s good to have at least one slow hero for your defence plus one healer.

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Marjana - Kunchen - Telluria - Leo - Alasie

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