Slow down on the new content

You guys are coming out with way to much way to fast
People can’t keep up with what teams they managed to get without loads more coming out and purchase offers being shoved in your face every two seconds. Yes the game is addicting and yes the game is like crack but it’s way to overwhelming we need cooling off periods where we can level our heroes and finish map stages without ten thousand more things coming out. Barely have enough resources when their is an event ever 2 days.

They can´t do that when they see people finishing the longest events in the first 2 days. Instead of it they should reorganize the schedule and lower the energy cost of map stages and trials. All quest should be available any time and put a cooldown when done, for example 3 days for common, 5 days for uncommon and 7 days for rare So people with less time can manage their time better and don´t feel stressed having ninja tower, war, raid, trial, find recruits II, POV, titans and daily fortress management.


Yes. I agree. That made me even think of maybe being able to do special untimed Titan Hunt. But i agree. A lot does come out but until things are changed, all we can do is our best to do the basics and get what we can when we can and just wait. It always comes around. Just keep playing using all possible flags and continue building to level up. Patience is needed for the rewards. Don’t lose love for the game yet. Thanks for reading. Hope it helps. Have a great day. :smile:

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I voted. You do know this won’t happen though?


Unfortunately, I’m out of votes so I’ve removed mine from here.

@Salazzlebread This is more relevant than ever.