Slow down on pay to win and play

So much pay to play stuff going on it’s getting hard to play. I pay for insain amounts of stuff but it’s getting to the point it’s overwhelming. The ninja tower should not run on flasks that you have to pay for but energy that builds up for the event. Slow down on pay to win and play. Give the people some leeway. I already have valor vip and many more paid things going on as I’m sure other people do. I see so much stuff going for pay and not enough breathing room for players especially veterans to catch up on anything. Make us feel some kind of relief we don’t even see a difference in any loot chest tiers as it is.

Even if I fully agree with all those offer comming around day by day, with the Ninja tower you are wrong.
No need to buy refills, you have 5x 10 energy + 5 extra ( flask that has been given for free ).

So you can allow 5 fails without a doubt.

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