Slightly crazy RNG idea – roulette wheel to gamble unwanted heroes

Somewhat inspired by a comment in the Tourney thread that a roulette wheel would be better.

So anyway what about a mini roulette type game to gamble heroes. I don’t have any real suggestions how it would work , but it can be a lot more fun than just using every non wanted hero as food.

It’s really possible that this would be implemented :slight_smile:

3. Do you think Summoning is the best possible game design approach to acquiring heroes, or would you consider other approaches like converting existing heroesinto a new one, collecting shards for a hero, or earning increased or guaranteed odds for a good hero?

Summoning has covered a lot of the bases so far, but let’s again go to the massive building upgrades.

The TC might actually do something like this; can’t really go into specific but for example converting existing heroes into new heroes. That might be part of the new Training Camp. The new TC will be in beta in a couple of months, and just at the moment the last option is converting, or having a chance of converting, heroes.

Shards are really cool idea, but no plans for that in current design but that’s not out of the question for the future, because that would tie really nicely into some feature really far in the future.

From SGG "Ask Me Anything" AMA transcript - 13 March 2019 - #2 by Kerridoc