Slice and Dice has 3 spots open

Slice and Dice defeated its first 12* but we have 3 open seats, due to real life issues and people moving to one of our other alliances to slow it down a bit or leaving the game totally.

We usually have 10* and 11* titans.

We require daily participation: hit the titan 5 to 6 times (unless a cease fire has been called; and participate in wars. Discord, a free app is required. We have tons of useful information in our channels that help everyone in our 5 alliances grow and share knowledge, but you can tune it out if you want except current titan notification and war strategy.

Ideally you will have 3850 defense team power, 30 heroes of 500+ power for wars, and 2,000 cups.

If you want to join a loyal and fun family, come to Slice and Dice.

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