Sleepy/Sleeping Heroes / Blinking / Closed Eyes

Thanks @Radar1 and @zephyr1
My eyes were so tired after trying to see if they blinked (on the card). I thought some of the heroes expressions actually looked better when they had their eyes closed, like they were thinking something differently.


I just discovered that when you hit back during the full preview of your hero, the picture remains still at that moment and viewed on the card. If you hit back during a blinking hero, you can capture them with their eyes closed. I captured these with my heroes, are there any others?

Screenshot_20190701-141651_Empires Screenshot_20190701-141538_Empires Screenshot_20190701-141025_Empires Screenshot_20190701-140838_Empires Screenshot_20190701-140757_Empires Screenshot_20190701-141500_Empires Screenshot_20190701-141332_Empires Screenshot_20190701-141249_Empires


Ranvir and Anzogh look like they’re really channeling some spirits.

Margaret looks focused and zen, or maybe praying she gets the lock open without destroying whatever is inside the Cryptex.

Frida looks like she’s falling asleep at guard duty.

Valeria looks like she was at a bar, and someone was testing her and she said something to the effect of “I could whip you with my eyes closed” and she’s proving it.


Ranvir Blinking with his very blue eyes and dark skin is awesome.

Have the Devs been watching old Dr Who episodes, the Weeping Angels scared the crap outta me, should we be looking over our shoulders to see who is sneaking up behind us? Don’t blink…

Malosi, Hansel, Guardian Jackal/Falcon/Bat, Brynhild, Bane, An-Windr, Agnes have blinking eyes.

Raffaele has animation but don’t blink with his blue eyes. And Mist don’t move at all. Make here at least animated like her sister Brynhild.

Thanks a lot, now I’ve made a game of trying to zoom out on heroes that blink at the right time, it’s making me nuts.


Omg I do this all the time :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sleeping witch


Lord Loki thinking evil dreams, smiling deviously in his sleep

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Looks like Horghall is having a bad moment.

The piercing gaze of the fridan takes me away. Lol

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