Slayers' and Skadi's stacks interaction is incorrect

Hello! It seems I found a bug of stacks interaction.

How it is expected: positive stacks are hanging on Slayers, Skadi uses special and kills minions, amount of positive stacks decreases by 1 for every negative.
How it works in practice: you can’t predict, how many positive or negative stacks would be on Slayers.

Video 1, Skadi’s cast 1: Skadi vs Slayers 1 - YouTube
There must be 1 positive stack on Maeve, stays 2. Killian - ok.

Video 2: Skadi vs Slayers 2 - YouTube
Both Maeve and Killian - ok.

Video 3: Skadi vs Slayers 3 - YouTube
Maeve must be with -2, but she has 0. 4 positive stacks on Killian, must be 0.


NB: When the Slayers are under negative stacks and they use specials or family bonus is activated, negative stacks disappear stable.
I suppose, something is wrong only when heroes get many stacks in bulk.

I have watched your videos and I agree with you there is something wrong.
I have asked Staff to check it.


What’s about status of this issue? There is no mention of it in version 46 release notes.

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Only @Dudeious.Maximus has responded to me that thx for the notification of the problem.
I am unsure whether he received any feedback from Staff or not.


Yeah; not sure there. Staff probably didn’t see the flag as Dude acknowledged it.

I’ve reflagged for QA attention.


Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this issue here.


Yeah this my fault i thought i put the thread into mod chat … Going back and looking i didn’t my apologies to @Vesta and @PlayForFun

Honstley cant think why i didnt well whats done is done ill be more vigilant going forward :+1:


No problem @Dudeious.Maximus
It is now finally reached Petri so Staff can check and investigate it now.


Thanks to you, Guvnor, PlayForFun and Petri! Don’t worry :ok_hand:


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