Slave titan for each alliance

I think it will be good to have a slave titan for our alliance. The titan will have a limitless life, it will never die and never disappear. Just for practice. Each member of the alliance may have 5 attacks per day (or more). It will be good to get hit points in order to have competition between alliance members. No loot, rewards needed. Just for fun and competition between alliance members.

Because we don’t have enough things to deal with, that’s right? Friendly matches are nice but how many use those 5 flags every day? I’m strongly against this idea. We need improvements in loot and other features, not to see them adding more tasks.



How about whoever deals a final blow to titan, can choose to either kill him or enslave him.

Enslaving will skip the loot but then you can use titan on the next war.

Titan randomly destroys 1 enemy defense 2 times per war if alive.

Opponents will have to kill the titan as well if they want a reset. It gives point bounty if killed.

Has 1-2% HP of regular version of titan

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Slaves and slavery. Aren’t we in the 21st century already? So medieval, so dark, so oppressive, are we still in that kind of state of mind? For that alone, I decline to vote.

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