Slash attacks by Defenders

Hi everyone

I have a question for the class:

When a defender does a slash attack, does that slash have a colour?

For example if I have Evelyn as a defender, and her green defense down is active on an attacker, and she performs a slash attack that hits that attacker, does the damage count as coloured and therefore benefit from the defense down?

Sorry if this has been previously covered

I’d like to know before I give Evelyn tonics as she will likely be in my defense lineup for sometime if i do


There are two parts to the answer, and I only know one of them:

  1. Slash attacks do not normally do extra damage based on the colors of the attacker and defender. They’re like specials in this respect. And in fact, slash attacks do damage just as though they were specials with no damage modifier.

  2. If someone gets color-debuffed, then specials will have differential damage based on the color of the attacker. I’m not aware of whether this works the same way for slash attacks, but I would theorize that it does, since in other respects they work very much like specials.

Hopefully someone who knows #2 for certain can chime in. There’s no data in any of the damage calculation threads. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for color debuffers in the next several raids, though, and see if I can figure it out myself.


I don’t know for sure but I seem to recall that when Kashhrek uses his fire resistance buff regular fire enemies on the world map do less regular damage or hits.

I think it may be the same for raids/normal hits but I’m not 100% sure.


Thanks very much for your input.

I wonder if there is anyone who can clarify your question 2, which is the information I was essentially after

Appreciate the responses

Beta players would help on this question

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Slash attacks are non-elemental attacks but are affected by elemental defense buffs/debuffs. More info here:


They would be able to test it easier than I can :slight_smile:

I believe I have a case showing that slashes really do have color, but I’m not 100% certain. The score was in the grey area between a strong non-debuffed hit, and a debuffed hit.


Thanks Lexinin, that clears it up - so another reason to use Evelyn on defense :slight_smile:

Well, the slash only procs every 3 turns, and there’s only a 60% chance (max) that it will hit one of the debuffed characters. So I suspect the damage increase you’ll see will be fairly modest. Not saying not to do it; just saying the effect will be muted.

Thanks @Garanwyn

But while that’s true, it is still an advantage over not having it so that’s not too bad!

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