Slackers need not apply

Yeah. We’re selective. But we don’t tolerate slackers on our team.

If you enjoy playing daily, if you’re tired of doing all the heavy lifting in your alliance, if you’re looking for a team-focused group of people who all work together, if you can enjoy a joke but can also take direction when it’s needed, then come check us out. Some players are chatty, some just show up for titan and war. As long as you do the latter, we give you all the support this team can offer, including our library of reference materials& some very experienced players who share their knowledge freely.

Currently hitting 8* & 9* titans.

Think we are the right fit for you? Come and check out East of the Equator.

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Tell em Quinn! We hit we play we war!!!

Come check us out, we are an awesome group

Dont miss your chance to join a great group

We are a very active group

This team is keen. I only got three hits on the titan and it’s gone. Man you gotta be quick!
9* Volcanic Dragon boom gone

I suppose that I need not apply. For over a year, I have been a member of an alliance called the SlackerBratts. A great group of long timers who win wars and fight 7/8 star titans. I am happy where I am. Good luck in your recruiting.

Slackerbtatts need not apply

Hi , do you guys have LINE ?

No we are on discord

I’m not ready yet for 8 stars but I am dang sure sick of slackers. I co-lead in my alliance and now I’m the bad guy here because I won’t hesitate to boot a no show for war.

Like… why are you in an alliance if you aren’t going to use your titan flags?? i just don’t get it

Good luck with your team guys

We just got 2 new members and a third on the way! Co.e check us out on discord!

Come check us out on discord!

[#0404B4] ~~~:lightning: [#ffff00]East of the Equator :lightning:[#0404B4] ~~~~
…….…[#ffffff]1800 cup entry, 100% participation![#0404B4] …………

[#05fafa]Fun & Funny, Social, International[#0404B4] <<<<<<
…:swords:[#3dff01]DAILY TITAN HITTERS :swords:[#0404B4] …
[#ffffff]Come Bring down 9* & 10* + titans & fight wars! [#0404B4] ~~~[#ffffff] Line ID: nick1ep [#0404B4] ~~~~ [#ffff00]Visit us on Discord to join!

Just download discord, and type in the code above

Hey do you still have space? Currently at 2960 Team Power and 1537 crowns


line ID: edmister35

Why yes we do ,come on over

We are looking for you

Top 600 ranked team, dont miss out

Fun & funny, socially competitive, very supportive

:joy: A good sense of humor required! :joy:

:fountain_pen: Alliance Rules :fountain_pen:
:fountain_pen: Invite only
:fountain_pen: Adults only
:fountain_pen: Minimum 1800 cups :fountain_pen:
:fountain_pen: Hit titan daily & as often as possible
:fountain_pen: Use 6 flags in Alliance Wars
:fountain_pen: 3 days away & no contact = boot
:fountain_pen: Keep levelling & growing your team
:fountain_pen: Members must join Discord

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:

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