Skyfall instructions annoyance

I really don’t need the event instructions again every time I play level one of the circus. Never happened with other events, although maybe those have fewer notes. Just tell me once, and offer me a button if I need a reminder.


This was brought up in the beta thread and at this point doesn’t seem like it’s going to change

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You know, you don’t have to read them, not even once. Just close the window and hit stage 1.

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At least it is now showing before you start the level so you do not loose measured time while you try to close the instrructions, but I agree it should be shown only once per tier or if you click on the Icon to display it.

It is like this in my game play, only showing on Stage 1 on each Tier, so it is only 3x.
I play in iOS if it is maybe different in Android?

In Android it is shown every time you play Stage 1.

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What? I have not try to replay any stage yet, still want to finished all tier 1st, waiting some WE for last stage on legendary, after this I would try to replay stage 1 on rare.

Too many WE for purple chests (which is not good on this circus), and POV requeirement to day :sweat_smile:

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OK, already try replay on stage 1 rare, and it is the same in iOS.

It is always show the instructions.

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