Is it me, or does Skittleskull looks shady as hell


Everything I know about skittleskull, and many things i never knew I wanted to know about skittles, I learned here:

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That’s a cracking little thread :sweat_smile:

In relation to skittle, I’d say she looks pretty intense and unhinged. Where do all the animal bones come from? Isn’t the ivory trade in Rathwood properly regulated?!

With the name of ‘skittle’ and her hand held low with some kind of fire ball, I always think of her bowling…

always up to “no good”

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But wouldn’t you want that little rapscallion on your side? Yes or no? Lol!

Nope. Scarlett and Colen love torching green tanks, and with slow mana skittle skull is my favourite barbeque

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Oops…guess that answered that question!