Skittleskull with costume worth maxing out?

this is great thanks!

makes her look worse though lol.

As a cleric, if mana shield protects her and she triggers early enough, 300ish damage against all 5 heroes with an attack debuff could be worth it though.

Going to stop overthinking it and if I never use her after maxing her, she’ll just be a partner on the bench for kashrek. :rofl:

Here’s mine now since I posted the question.

I use her for titans, class quests, and aw but not in raids as I’m in diamond. But for those uses, I cannot complain. The last node in talent is +4% mana for sorcerer while it is +4% health for cleric. So I use her mostly in her original class.


@jhrew, would you mind posting your emblem paths for both versions for reference? I drew Skittles’ costume today, and with Sabina already at +20 and Ameonna at +19, my next candidates for sorcerer emblems are Skittles or some three-stars. Might have gone the three-star route without the costume, but I do still use Skittles on the Trials of Mysticism and my cleric teams could also use a little “oomph”, so I’m seriously thinking about embleming Skittles up and maxing her costume (after Gandalf the White, who I also pulled today). I’m thinking I want to max out attack, but I’m not sure in which class.

She is looking pretty solid with costume bonus + emblems.

With a level 17 mana troop + above boosts (assuming mana route was taken with emblems), she can become average speed (if not close).

here it is.

+2% health is taken because it is 4x attack in costume path.

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So you chose to optimize the cleric path, not the sorcerer path?

I wanted a balance as I don’t have a strong attack in cleric.

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Me, either. That’s why I was asking. Trying to decide which path I want to optimize, and I’m still not sure. It seems like the difference in the SS damage and attack debuff aren’t enough to swing the balance either way.


she better be a rockstar for this rush attack tournament. 39 % attack debuff at very fast should be huge on offense and on defense. plus, you know, candy.

I didn’t max out normal skittles though so I can’t emblem her but probably not worth it anyway

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update: costume skittles has turned out to be an awesome titan hero for budget players.

She has the second highest attack stat ( 778 with no emblems) on my roster, behind Lianna. And her attack debuff is proving very useful as a counter on blue titans that often have def debuff skills.

For all budget players, this hero is absolutely worth it if you arent loaded already with 5* greens with very high base attack.

My new budget blue titan green hero lineup: Lianna. Gad. Costume skittles. Hansel. + either wu, costumed rigard or isarnia (depending on the titan)

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